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Fallen Angel

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I started this figure to show a friend how I approached painting skin.  The figure is produced by Milosh's Miniatures (basically a guy's side project to make miniatures he likes... you can find him on facebook) and comes in 54mm and 75mm versions.  This is the 54mm version.


Instead of painting her as the traditional 'good' angel, I thought I'd do a fallen angel version.  My normal skin mix was changed to create what you see here.  The shadows are a mix of ~50% Chestnut Brown, 25% Rosy Shadow, and 25% Burgundy Wine.  For the darkest shadows (under the legs, chin, etc), I just added more Burgundy Wine to that mix.  The mid tone is 50/50 Rosy Shadow and Vampiric Shadow.  To create the highlights I used 75% Vampiric Skin and 25% Fair Skin.  Then just a bit of Vampiric Highlight for the top highlights.  I still plan to go over the skin with some blue and purple glazes (in a few spots), but that will wait until after I finish the rest of the figure



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After a long break, I recently started working again on this figure. The reason I stopped was I needed time to come up with a good approach for the wings. They've got the overall feather shapes sculpted in, but not the fine details like the barbs. In the meantime, other projects came up and so I'm just now getting back to her. For the wings, I decided to paint the details on. I've done 3/4's of them. Still need to do the rest of the underside of her right wing (you can more easily see there what's sculpted and what isn't). As for the parts of the wings I've painted, I'm generally happy with the look but plan to keep tweaking and adjusting it some more.




I think the wings actually look best from above. I'm still working on them to try and make them look just as good from the sides, but that's not as simple as it sounds.



In addition to my work on the wings, I've applied some subtle glazes of color to the skin. They were added in a number of places, but are subtle so you may not have noticed them in the previous images. This close up of the face makes it more obvious. You can see the tint of red and purple in the cheeks. There's a bit of blue over the eyes too.



Still more to be done, but I'm hoping I can get this project wrapped up shortly.

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It must be Wing Season... so great to watch you and Kuro tackling essentially the same problem with different methods on different sculpts!  

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Ha, yeah, Grayfax.  They are definitely a difficult subject and each sculpt has its own challenges.


Here's a peak at the base.  I started with the basic shape using cork.  On top of that I applied sculptamold for texture and variation.  Once that was dry I used some white glue and sand for additional texture.  I'm in the process of adding candles around the outside of the base.  The first step was to insert some wires.  Next I'll clip those down a bit and use putty (greystuff) to sculpt the candles around each wire.  The idea is for the scene to look like a summoning ritual.


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