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Fantasy & SF Music Videos


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Just a place to show music videos with magical, fantastic, superheroic, or science fiction elements.


Starting with some... Skrillex? (Not my normal fare.)



It came up with Megan, so now I am seeing what others have, and I will be adding more as I find my links... hidden in the depths of the interwebs. Not so much looking for songs with a bunch of fantasy stills, but animation or even footage from video games would work, even World of Warcraft.


Or Muppets....



The Auld Grump.

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I have always wanted to write n adventure based on the lyrics to this song - 

* a haunted house

* screams all sound the same 

* a truth that varies 

* a desperate journey by ship 


some how I missed that the video was all ready a gaming adventure.

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Blackmore's Night


Been listening to them on Pandora Celtic mix.


 True story: I bought all their cd's at the CT Ren Faire one weekend...

The next weekend I went back...

And they were walking around the damn faire dressed in the same outfits they were wearing on the inside cover of one of their cd's...  :blink: 


And I didn't have enough money to go get another copy of one of their cd's to get an autograph and still have gas money to get home... :down:

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Was about to post that Orgy video. No idea what made me think of that song. I mean, fits the bill I guess. Maybe I mean to say I don't know how I remember it from so many years ago.


Anyway, depending on your idea of fantasy,


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I was going to link a few more but my youtube died. XD


--- edit ---


Muahhaha (yea, my music taste is all over the place and I enjoy watching music videos)


Katy Perry feat. Kanye West


Aqua - Cartoon Heroes

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