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 Ha! I love the Creepy Bard... ::D: Have you ever seen him live? He does the CT Ren Faire every year...


The guy is amazing - when he's done for the day with his bawdy act on the state, he plays a more serious gig elsewhere... He actually takes requests - you pick a random language, and he'll sing a song in it...  The guy has a ridiculously large repertoire of songs.


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 All I got is this ol phone so youtube links are a bit much for me at this time ... but ... if you want to go big time old school (level 60 cap) look up these ol jems ... 


 Ballad of the noob 


Clasic wow vidio ... and to add fule to the fire, I took out a level cap 60 guild (B.O.T. by name) in booty bay with my level 30 something druid ... never chase a druid into the water ...


 Another newer wow vidio ... Don't make me get my main ... all wow players been their done that ...


 But the true clasic wow vidio from 60 cap ... wow Blind ... by Petcula, to the tune , Hide & Seek by Amuro ... clasic.

Look fore the 2.5 mill views version ... or hope kind keyboard masher plops up an easy link ... thay all old school / new age clasics ...


P.S. the giant halflIng 'Basil the tailor' in the stormwind dungeon ... based on my "Bazill Wraithbone" Druid from EverQuest ... way old school ...

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