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Well it has been three weeks since I last picked up a brush though I did work on some bases, so I figured it was time to start a new WIP. This will be covering more than a few miniatures that want to get done this summer, preferably before I go on vacation in August.


First up is Onufry the Ribald, a 54mm from Scibor. This guy is just for fun and I probably will enter him in a competition. I debated between doing a display base or using the one he came with. In the end I made one with some bark, a slate piece, a resin scenery dwarf head, and a resin tree trunk. I am really happy with it.





Next we have one of my planned entries for ReaperCon, Dark Sword's Wood Elf Goddess that was their freebie at last year's RCon. I am hoping to paint each year's DS mini up for the following year. She is going to be based among ruins of building in the forest which is right now just the walls on some cork. There will be a tree in the corner and lots of greenery. Basically the forest reclaiming the area.





Then I hope to finish my Zayna from Ares Mythologic's Draconia line. She was started last year but kept getting pushed aside. She is also destined for RCon.





Another fun one I hope to work on is Reaper's Blightfang which I am doing as a purple/blue dragon. I have just started the base which will be a forest pond.





Lastly we have Kabuki's The Hunter. Not much planned for her yet except I plan on keeping it simple. Her legs are so thin I did not want risk removing the base piece that she is on so I evened out part of a Secret Weapon base and now she will be standing on a rook in the swamp.





I know not much has been done yet but any input would be appreciated.

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Started to lay down some color on the dwarf and elf. The dwarf will be blonde with blue cloth and silver armor. As befitting a wood elf she will be in green and I decided to make her a red head.





Now I wanted to know your thoughts on something. I am thinking of trying my hand at a tattoo on the bald side of the dwarf's head but I am not sure yet on the design. Anyone have a suggestion?

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I think that should work.  Nothing stands out, were you planning on light / dark color contrast to separate areas on the mini?  The current colors blend nicely together, too well.  Though that might change once you start highlighting.  


Edit:  Skin currently stands out with the current colors to me.  So a tattoo should look cool I think.

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Once I start shading, the colors should separate. The green might go darker or I might scrap it, the silver will be NMM, and his brown hair will actually be blond. The only color that is even close to its true color is the blue cloth.


Still not sure on the green as I was going for more muted colors and it might be too "shiny" if that makes sense. The raised design will still be silver so that might help.

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It makes sense.  I was thinking a muted or darker green personally.  But I tend to go with simple color schemes myself, so take my suggestions with that that in mind.


Yeah, I will have to work on the green to figure out what I want to do. I keep thinking just to do gold but I feel that NMM gold could blend too much with his blonde hair especially as it would be my first time doing gold. I also want to do a bit of green on him to tie him more to his base and I do not want his armor to be all silver.


I really like your basing plans btw.


Thanks! I love putting bases together and usually the base idea is what inspires and motivates me to paint a certain mini.


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Sloooowwww progress across the board. I have not had the drive to paint recently but it does seem to be coming back. I have mainly worked on the dwarf's skin and was trying new things that actually worked, mainly glazing blue in some of the deeper shadows for the skin. I am so happy with his head right now especially as this is my first time doing a bald mini. I thought I was done on the hands as well, they were giving me issues, but looking at the pictures, I need to work on them done more. I also started shading the blue.


Any input would be appreciated.



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