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Chaos Wolf is also slightly crazy---goblin conversion challenge

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Vary the height and length of the spears in the next batch. Think about different types of spear points, the occasional billhook... Etc.

Shield shapes galore. QuikTrip for plastic cup lids, for free shield plastic, for scratch made shields, for the win.

You could add little bannerlets, pennants, or guidons to spear hafts. One guy with a really lengthened spear could be a standard bearer with a nice big flag.

Buttons can work as shields. Metal thumbtacks can work as bucklers. Shield spikes are fun.

Skulls ! Lengthen a spear by installing an impaled skull just under the spear point. Skull shield boss... Helmet that is something else's skull...

One Gobbo with a replacement pumpkin head...


If one gobbo gets a billhook and another gets a halbard head (like xherman mentions cf. next) then there are enough loose spear points for a third gobbo to have a trident.


Hang shields on their backs for some of them. 


Change some to javelineers, spearpoint down, ready for overhand throw.

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Maybe some weapon changes too?


The occassional halberd, an axe or sword?


Add a mushroom here and there?


Great project!

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 Is that armor they're wearing, or just a tunic?


In any event, you could turn it into Roman armor and do several variations on a Legionnaire, with or without helmets.


If you're going to end up with a trident, you may as well go all-out and kit him up as a gladiator.

(If you don't already have one, there are at least two places I can think of that sells gladiator heads.)


Hell, you could probably do a Historical theme on at least half of them - a Warriors of the World series... :B):


You could also do a handful of them as a character class theme (fighter, cleric, wizard, thief, etc.)...


Also, that shield hand is in an excellent position to be holding the hilt of a sword or dagger sheathed at his belt. (Or other object.)



(Oh, and just for giggles, and in honor of the character I'm playing in the ub3rdungeon thread, you need to do a headswap for a skull and sculpt a hat on it, lol)

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Yes, the challenge insanity has gotten me, too. Just not quite as bad....I think. It's also a slightly different variety.


I have 50 of these guys:



Don't ask me why, I have no idea; I think they've been multiplying in the dark foot locker they were stored in.


Anyway, the challenge I have set for myself is this:


I will convert 49 of them so that no two are the same.


That's right, I'm going to (hopefully) create a small horde of individualized mono-pose plastic goblins. I am going to leave 1 unconverted, for two reasons:

1) I will have an original figure to compare my conversions against.

2) Once the whole group is done I can hide him in there someplace and see if anyone can find him. :upside:


I suppose you're all gonna want me to paint 'em too, aren't you? Fine, I'll do that, too. The main point of this exercise is the conversion, though; once that's done painting may take a little (lot) longer.


What's the time frame, you ask? There isn't one, but it's not going to be years long or anything, either. In fact, I've already started; see below. Let's call it the last day of September for converting and painting to be done.


Also, just for kicks, I'm gonna give you all some power over me (just a little, don't get any crazy ideas).

You all collectively have 2 vetoes that you may use if you think I'm slacking off and one goblin looks a little too much like another.

Some rules about that:

1) The basic pose will be staying (mostly) the same for all of them, so that doesn't count

2) At least 4 people need to agree that a certain gobbo doesn't cut it; I don't want 22 different people all vetoing a different figure.

3) Vetoes only apply to conversions; the paint jobs will be fairly similar in order to help me get through them.


So, the first 6 are done:


Fur trimmed Hun style helmet, looted human helmet, this was supposed to be a fur cap, but it just looks like hair, so we'll call it hair.



Eye patch, mohawk, pirate style do-rag.


They all have different shields as well.

Sounds like a fun project!  I did something similar with Moria Goblins.

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Perfect pose for one riding a wolf or giant spider.


Don't forget to turn one of them into a banner bearer for the unit of 50!

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Cool Idea! Of course, one of these guys must have a his spear converted to a standard farm implement! Shovel, Rake or Hoe, for best effect:P




Scythes and Billhooks are originally farm implements. (The bill hook was for tree trimming.) A gobbo with a spade shovel would be hilarious.

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      As always - any areas you see for improvement?

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