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When you say "post" characters...

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Good question.  I was wondering about that too.  I have already given my character to 'Hammer, but how do we "post" them?


BTW, I have converted my PC over to a straight figther, rather than a pally.  Sorry BP.  One paladin (you) should be enough for our group.    


I could post basic info, stats and stuff.  Stern Kestrelmann is his name kickin' butt is his game!



SK :cool:

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Instead of posting stats, could we post _descriptions_


& I mean _for_ the stats like


Str: strong

Intelligence: keen

dexterity: preternatural

wisdom: has basic common sense, doesn't contradict herself

charisma: equal parts strangely compelling / strangely repelling with an alien beauty responsible for both

constitution: how would you know? she's not sickly...


that would pretty much describe my character, the stuff that you would know about her as other _characters_, y'know, for roll-playing purposes.


Okay, I mean, it wouldn't describe everything else, I'm just talking about the number thing.


Is this too much work for people? I want to give you an idea about _who my character is_ and definitely about what she can do - we need to know that as teammates. & we _would_ know that as teammates. But I like the idea about knowing only what my character would know. It adds to the immersive experience for me.


On the other hand, there's nothing i'm trying to hide about my stats/ class/ abilities. Y'all could see the deets if you wanted. I just throw that out there because it would help us to think more like our characters would think instead of like players (and, too often, rules lawyers, not that anyone here would argue an interpretation)

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Give a description of your character. What do they look like, what do they wear. Any distinctive features? Are they strong, quick, sturdy as an oak tree? Do they pick their nose? Are they flatulent? Do they scratch at inappropriate times? Are they always, ALWAYS honorable? Can they never turn their back on a lady in need? Do they have a Heidelburg dueling scar? Are they left-handed? Do they have a fondness of wild boar, roasted over a fire? Do they have a deep secret of once running from the enemy?


Flesh out the character and give us details.


IMHO, I would like the characters posted, but I'm also not a nit-picking SOB. I'm interested in the role, not the roll.



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