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3rd Annual Miniatures Day


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Hi all,


Just a reminder that the 3rd annual 24 hour painting marathon is fast approaching this July for anyone who wants to test their metal on this.  Its a celebration of all things miniatures!  ANY activity that involves miniatures is welcome and encouraged.


This Years Details:

Event: 3rd Annual Miniatures Day

Date: the weekend of July 16th-17th (or any other day you can work in during July)

Time: Any time during this weekend (or any other day you can work in during July)

Place: Wherever you are

Who: YOU!


The rules are as follows.


1) There are no rules. (they're more like guidelines, really...)

2) Fun must be experienced at some point during your day of creating.

3) Feel free to start and stop whenever you want. Some are challenging themselves to 12 or 24 hour painting binges; this is not required, but let us know if you do this (so we know who the crazy ones are     ^_^ ).

4) post some pictures during the event if you can.  Pictures are fun.


As an added incentive this year I have ribbons for those you participate.  All you have to do is tell me that you participated (honor system folks) and pm me our address an I will mail it to you.  I can also bring them to Reapercon if you are going.


So why a World Wide Miniatures Day?  Simple.  Its a chance to immerse ourselves into our wonderful hobby without even leaving the house.  Better yet, its a chance to introduce this great hobby with anyone who might be interested and, really in the end support, the local game shops, hobbyists, and the companies that make this hobby great.


More info to follow so stay tuned.


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I find that I get more done toward the begin than the end.  With this said my stratigy is to save the base coating until the end because I start to lose my detail skills at the end.....  


I like the A to Z idea.  Are you thinking of going in order or just at random?

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only two days remaining!  I play to start on the 16th and finish on the 17th which is my birthday.  Haven't worked out the exact start time yet but that is the plan.  Now all I have to do is:


1)  Clean my work space

2) Stock the fridge

3) set up the camera for time lapse photography

4) decide which figs to paint.

5) enjoy!


Anyone else making any special plans for the event?

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You know, I might just be crazy and try for 24 hrs or as close to that as I can. I have our painting group on Saturday at 4 after work and I just can continue painting at home afterwards. Probably won't be able to do a full 24 as I know I will need a little sleep due to early work hours on Saturday.

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