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So, many moons agone I backed Stonehaven's Kickstarter for pop-up terrain. Slightly fewer moons agone, I backed their next Kickstarter for halflings - which also included pop-up terrain. And a couple of days ago, I realized that it would cost me quite literally half as much to buy a new inkjet printer as it would to get replacement cartridges for my clunky old printer.

By all of these elements combined, I figured the time had come to start assembling the pop-up terrain I had so eagerly anticipated. I started about as simply as possible - with the grassy field. Lessons were learned, not least of which that I have no idea what I'm doing and barely the necessary coordination required... but somehow, I muddled through and made a passable hex. I added in the pond, to make it a little more interesting (and because it was there).


There were a few bits and bobs left over, so after rereading the original thread we had on the pop-up kickstarter, I decided to see how coloured pencil would work with the sepia print.


I think, when things have dried, I'm going to colour in at least the pond... probably not the whole field, but a blue pond should stand out nicely.


I have others to print, and a complete set of the pre-printed, colour terrain. Watch this space for further developments. ::):

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So today's - yesterday's, really - discovery is that my new printer does not enjoy printing double-sided on cardstock. It handled the single-sided with no issues, but when it came time to flip the page over it had a nasty jam. Might be because I'm using heavier than recommended cardstock (110# vice 80#), or it may just be that the printer can't do it. Problematic.


So, I decided to go ahead and start in with some of the pre-printed stuff, instead. I thought I took more pictures than this.... ah, well.



Lessons learned: I can't cut foamcore straight to save my life.

Even the Elmer's "papercraft" glue is a bit too moist, and is causing wrinkling issues with the paper.

I really should have busted out a sharpie and blacklined the cut edges - may go back and do that.


I haven't tried folding this one down yet, going to wait until the glue is all the way dry.  :wacko:

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I should start putting mine together, finally...


As for the papercraft work, I have been doing it for years. Some tips that could be useful if you haven't figured them out yet:

-try to make all of your motion straight up and down. Move the paper and not your whole arm/body

-Use a metal ruler, not plastic.

-Glue sticks work better than glue bottles, generally (I like UHU best)

-Edging (coloring the edge of the paper) is best done with the paper face down on top of a scrap piece of paper. This should always be done before gluing.

-when cutting foamcore: use a sharp, new blade held at an angle, and make multiple passes - cutting in one pass will tear up the insides

-I prefer to print on matte photo paper

-It can help to put a weight (like a stack of rpg books) on top of something while it dries.

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I should start putting mine together, finally...

All very helpful tips!


I know many people who backed this kickstarter, or the Halflings KS which also included pop-up terrain, and nobody yet who has actually built these bloody things (other than that PHDashing guy on Yootoob). It's weird!


They are awesome, and I'm looking forward to having them. Not so much building them, but the gazebo went together pretty straight-forwardly. =D


Sadly, I am back to work and couldn't fit the giant book of print-outs in my luggage, so further construction will have to await my return home...

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