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I have both resin and metal from Black Scorpion. I definitely prefer the metal, they just stand up to game abuse so much better than the resin. I looked for that kickstarter and couldn't find it.

Okay, I went to their site and now I see it. Starts April 5th, interesting.

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A heads up for those looking for some old west TerRAIN...



It’s an upcoming release from 4Ground in 28mm. Oddly enough they also mentioned they were considering doing a 32mm version in the future. Don’t know why they feel the need to do two sizes. 


Anyway. I thought this looks really good. Going on my want list.


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That does look very good, much better than Sarissa’s. Did they mention anything about rolling stock or passenger cars? What about other locomotives? A 2-6-0 Mogul and a 2-8-0 Consolidation would be very nice.

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3 hours ago, Heisler said:

That does look very good, much better than Sarissa’s. Did they mention anything about rolling stock or passenger cars? What about other locomotives? A 2-6-0 Mogul and a 2-8-0 Consolidation would be very nice.

The engine and tender and some simplified rails will be the initial release next Friday with a suggested retail price of £20 though it was a little unclear what that price included.

They are planning carriages and other cars but the first of those will see a December release.

They didn’t say anything about a second style locomotive.


They apparently first designed a true scale train but found it wasn’t any good for moving minis around inside.

Instead they went with approximately British O Gauge. The heights and size is roughly correct for the period but is slightly wider to allow for mini placement inside.


One of the designers is currently obsessed with the Red Dead Redemption video game so everything from cabooses to freight wagons are a possibility for future release.

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    • By Jordan Peacock
      Okay, so this isn't so much a "conversion" as it is an "appropriation."  I had #77470 "Elthin Bluesteel, Gunslinger" (Pathfinder Bones) in my box o' Kickstarter Bones, while I was digging through to find anything that might even remotely look appropriate for a "Wild West" scenario.  Sure, he's got some crazy boots, a big ol' dagger, and some sort of leather armor layered thing going on with his torso area, but he's got a gun, a cowboy hat, and a drape to one side that feels kind of Eastwood-ish to me. 
      He also suffers from a wee bit of "melty face," as there's next-to-no definition to that face, and I'm still not even sure where the eyes were supposed to be, exactly.  In my case, though, that only inspired me to notice that the details for his leather armor, etc., were so shallow that most of the parts incongruous to a cowboy gunslinger could probably just be painted over.  He's not going to win any contests, but looks passable as another pistol-toting gunslinger in just another ordinary western town.  (In this case, it would be the Flats outside quasi-historic Fort Griffin, as interpreted by Dog House Rules LLC in their "Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin" supplement.  I based the scratch-built building off of a floor plan by Karl Keesler, and it's the central piece to a mini-adventure pulled from the book.)
      Anyway, I just think there's something ... amusing? ... about when I can delve into Reaper's regular fantasy line and find something that would work perfectly well for other genres.  For some subjects, there's nothing terribly special about it: A fox is a fox, a bird is a bird, a dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, and it's not the least bit surprising that a pack of little animal familiars in the fantasy line would work just as well as pets for a modern or historic or even sci-fi setting (we just pretend that they're REPLICANT animals, or we paint them in funky colors).  Plus, there are a number of D&D-ish monsters that bear no resemblance to anything recognizable from well-known myths and such -- and the only reason we think of them as "fantasy" was because Gary Gygax found a bunch of cheap plastic imported Kaiju toys and transformed them into "owlbears" and "rust monsters" and so forth for D&D, and "D&D is fantasy," so that's that.
      Still, somehow there's something "neat" about digging through a big box o' Kickstarter Bones, picking up some barbarian model, and realizing that if only I swap his bendy axe with a spare 40K POWER AXE, and paint up his armor plates to look like scrap metal (maybe with some paper-printed license plates and stop signs glued on), he'd make a GREAT post-apocalyptic raider type, etc.  Or, some beast-man monster type could just as easily be some sort of pulp-universe alien, if only I paint up his armor a little differently and stick a ray-gun in his hand.  And one of these days I'm going to turn that Mantis Assassin into a Kamen Rider.  ;)
      Oh yeah, and as for the building: That's scratch-built from foam-core, cardstock (for raised details such as window and door frames), mat board, craft sticks, chopsticks (for the porch pillars), and wire, decorated with some Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings (for the porch furniture).
    • By Maledrakh
      “Off to off the wizard”
      The figures are from Reaper Bones KS3, “Chronoscope Wild West Oz”.  Since they all were armed, I see this as a sort of hit squad, hence the title.
      I based them on 30mm round display bases from Reaper, and I 3d Printed a 20mm round in a similar style for Toto.
      Since not only the Tin Man, but also the flying monkey are obvious metal robots, I think “Weird West Oz” or even “Steampunk Oz” would be a more fitting moniker.
      The miniatures are made in the slightly harder Bonesium, henceforth to be known as Better Bones™. Since the third Bones kickstarter, all Chronoscope Bones are coloured grey,
      The Flying Monkey, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, with Dorothy and Toto by Julie Guthrie. Only the Scarecrow seems to be released in Bones as of yet.
    • By Darsc Zacal
      I've backed a previous Blackwater Gulch kickstarter and been pleased with what I received.

    • By Chris Palmer
      This past week I completed the last of the four hero figures from the Bones 3 Kickstarter Wild West Wizard of Oz set: the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Dorothy & Toto. (Still have the Wicked Witch and the Flying Monkey to do)
      This was a really fun set to do, and it had some interesting interpretations of the classic characters.   Also, I was lucky enough to get a chance to already use them as my gang in a post-apocalyptic game of "This is Not a Test". 
      For the full painting articles and more photos, please see my Bones painting blog linked in my signature.

    • By Rilkyn
      This is a boss character from the skirmish game - Wild West Exodus.
      At some point I need to get round to painting more of these.

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