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I have two questions:


Are the eyes real (a glued in clear plastic gem or something) or are they painted? (That is how real they look.)


No Blinky?



Thanks- the eyes are paint.  Actually, it is a jewel technique that I tend to think is very simple:


Paint the jewel area black, then go in with white paint and paint a crescent at the bottom, maybe a little to the side, and paint the shine on the opposite side to the crescent.  Then take a bright paint and use it as if you were blending the white into the black.  The whole process goes really fast, and is simple enough to use on some pretty small jewels.



And on Blinky- well, there were six ghosts in the set, and since these are such delightful minis, my wife claimed half of them.  She's agreed that one of them must be Blinky, but she hasn't painted him/her up yet.

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