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Two Bones - Stone & Male Thunderknight


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While my house was empty of family I actually finished two minis in a week, which for me is a record breaking effort because I'm REALLY slow.  Neither of this is really quite this shiny in person, I have poor photography skills and my cell phone is the "best" camera in the house.


Stone - 91001 was painted for a teenage boy who at first wanted every piece of clothing, including the hat and boots, done in black.  I convinced him to let me use some browns so it wouldn't look like a blob, and a tiny bit of red.  I'm fairly happy with it, given in my opinion brown/black/brown/black is a challenge.






Male Thunderknight - 77304 was painted with a very specifically requested color scheme from my 6 year old Godson.  I could have gotten more contrast in the red, and the eyes are so-so, but again, I'm fairly pleased with my progress.





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These both look great. I really love the contrasts between the red and the gold on the thunderknight. And I know how it is painting minis who want their characters to be "cool" and therefore in all black or gray or something. I think some of my players are learning some bits of color don't make them look any less bada-- and make them pop more than all black, hopefully the teenager will learn the same. But I think he looks great in black and brown, and love the base.

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