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Two Bones - Stone & Male Thunderknight

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While my house was empty of family I actually finished two minis in a week, which for me is a record breaking effort because I'm REALLY slow.  Neither of this is really quite this shiny in person, I have poor photography skills and my cell phone is the "best" camera in the house.


Stone - 91001 was painted for a teenage boy who at first wanted every piece of clothing, including the hat and boots, done in black.  I convinced him to let me use some browns so it wouldn't look like a blob, and a tiny bit of red.  I'm fairly happy with it, given in my opinion brown/black/brown/black is a challenge.






Male Thunderknight - 77304 was painted with a very specifically requested color scheme from my 6 year old Godson.  I could have gotten more contrast in the red, and the eyes are so-so, but again, I'm fairly pleased with my progress.





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They are both great, I especially love the pink hammer of doom!

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Yeah, me being made to paint something pink was definitely the source of much amusement to my friends and family ::P: ::P: ::P:

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These both look great. I really love the contrasts between the red and the gold on the thunderknight. And I know how it is painting minis who want their characters to be "cool" and therefore in all black or gray or something. I think some of my players are learning some bits of color don't make them look any less bada-- and make them pop more than all black, hopefully the teenager will learn the same. But I think he looks great in black and brown, and love the base.

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      I've been working on him off and on for a few months now. My goal was to get him as close as possible to the promotional art of him, (which Chrome is fighting me on posting, as my ref pics aren't on google drive...) which was an intimitating mix of red, brown and grey that reads as black. 

      The browns are Ebony Skin mixed with Stormy Gray in varying amounts, the lighter spots are a light drybrush of Buckskin Pale to represent dust. 
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      Things have been a little rough for me lately and I haven't been painting, but last week my dear husband got some paints out and I started working on random stuff.  This is the original Ellen Stone with no face, from the Vampire box.  I'm pretty happy with how she came out.

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      Hi All,
      Here's a very old Citadel mini from my collection - FS31 Magic Fountain.
      I did this as kind of an exercise in creating a verdigris effect on the spouting beasties, which I'm quite happy with. There is some Vallejo "Still Water" in the base of the fountain but it's hard to see in the pics.


      Comments are always welcome, thanks for looking!
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      Once upon a time there was the first Bones Kickstarter, and one of the figures, Ellen Stone, came out of the mold somewhat lacking in the nose department, and people said, "What can you do with a noseless cowgirl?" and someone (It may even have been me) said, "Paint her up as an alien."
      Somewhat later I was musing over the Githyanki (who seem to keep cropping up in games I'm involved in) while sorting through my Bones minis looking for inspiration (as you do).
      In my bag of cowboys (Yes, I sort my Bones minis by theme), I ran across the old Ellen Stone figure, as well as a man's figure which, I realized upon close inspection, seemed to have a skull-like face, almost zombie-like, certainly lacking a nose.
      And something clicked and I thought "Oooh, yuss."
      Now, I don't absolutely know for certain that I ever will have a use for a couple of Githyanki desperadoes, and yet, here they are. 
      First is the Bones Ellen Stone, SKU 80003.





      WIP thread here.
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