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Amazon to Enchantress/Lady of the Evening

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I found a heck of a bargain on the bay and got a bunch of Hero Clix minis which included multiples of several. Of course, this becomes an excuse for conversions!

I had three minis of what I think is an Amazon character named Lorelei. I'll be keeping one as is, making one into a barbarian with a massive sword strapped to her back, and this one is going to be either a really good sultry caster type or possibly a woman of the evening or maybe just a barmaid to give me more NPC options.

Here we see side-by-side the original with my converted mini showing lots of GS where things were changed.








I did a cobblestone-type base for her. Maybe wooden planks for a tavern floor would have made sense for the barmaid idea more, but a lady of the evening, or more specifically, an adventuring spellcaster fits better on a stone base as it could be the street, a path through the wilderness, a floor of a castle, or the ground in a dungeon. Versatility!

The next shots are the initial layers of paint. I'll be doing dry brushing over them. I'm thinking the blouse will end up being white, but I actually kind of like seeing it in green. Not sure which direction I'll go color-wise. The hair will end up being a blonde with orange-red highlights or vise-versa. Probably going brown for the shoes so it comes across as leather.






Hope you enjoy her! Comments, compliments, critiques, and insightful ideas are always welcome :=)

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Thanks for all of the positive feedback about my Asgardian (not Amazon) gal's conversion!

Taking the advice from Chris, I went with white on the shirt and have started in on the hair. I also worked on the cobblestone base. I'm rather happy with how that's turning out.

Just a couple of shots tonight to show how it's going. Hopefully, I can get in more time on her tomorrow.





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I've gotten in some more work on her. There will be a bit of touch up painting and I will probably do a wash on the white and some dry brushing on the skirt. She also needs pupils. Those are important. And eyebrows. And a bit more on the corset.

I thought her exposed leg, while lovely, was kind of dull, so I sculpted in a garter belt. Just gives a bit more character, I think.






Comments, compliments, critiques, and creative input are always welcome :=)

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In the interest of getting details right...


You know that garters are used to hold up stockings, right?  So you may want to paint her leg a non-flesh color.   Like this.  


A garter belt is something else, it actually goes around the waist.  There is an image (NSFW) here that shows how the whole thing works.  If you're going that route, then you need the little strappy bit (suspender). 

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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, everyone!  I have a bit of a wash I want to do on the blouse and garter, then I think I'll call it done.


In terms of the garter, that was some really good input, Inarah, and I probably should have looked into things more before.  I was thinking more in line with the decorative "token garter" used in wedding ceremonies as just the lone strap across the thigh.  I think, for the time being at least, that I'll just stick with that.  I may revisit this and make more of a stocking.


This conversion project has been a lot of fun and I've really been encouraged by the support  :=)  Thanks, guys and gals!

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