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Figure is mind blowing. Great job! The eyes are so piercing!


My only gripe is the plinth.

The finish looks dusty and inconsistent in the photos. It seems to lack the same attention to detail as the mini and takes away from it a little. I can't tell exactly, but it looks like it could use a coat or two of lacquer.

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You pulled it off!!!


Draco looks absolutely lifelike, I loved the WIP.


The setting is great, you managed to add the ruin without distracting too much from Draco.


Maybe the plinth could use a little layer indeed.


Bigger minis and busts are awesome aren't they?

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Looks Awesome!


However, the grass looks off because there are gaps where it meets the ground.

You can either glue the edges down with white glue, or add some static grass / flock to disguise it. By his right foot, the grass is hanging in the air as well.

And dust off the plinth...

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Top notch, great expression and face work--especially the eyes and stubble.  Love the hair on his head and chest too.


I was going to say I liked the rough look of the plinth, how the paint looks aged and worn.  I don't think a coat of sheen would hurt it though.

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Thanks for all your likes, comments, and critiques everyone!  ::D:


I will indeed fix that grass that has been pointed out to me whether that means trying to glue it down or adding some larger tufts along some of the areas and trimming back other areas, I will get that fixed.  


The plinth got really dusty while I was working on the base above it and I thought I had got it cleaned off and used tape to try to keep it clean, but dust has a way of setting and getting everywhere and the camera picked it all up! I'll put some sealer or something over it after wiping it off really good and see if that helps.


I also want to add a nameplate to the front of the plinth so I'm open to ideas for a snazzy title if anyone feels like they can help me out with it. 

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Boom! Well done sir! Good looking piece!

Thank you!


He turned out really great! He reminds me of Michael Fassbender in 300.

Thanks! Oh? *looks him up in 300* Wow, you are right! I wasn't going for that look, but you are spot on. 

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    • By Mckenna35
      Started this guy back in 2010 and, after eleven years of on and off work (mostly off), I'm going to say he's finished. There are things I could do better now than when I started him, and certainly areas I could try to tweak more, but I'd rather save the energy/time for another figure. 54mm Games Workshop "Brother Artemis" Space Marine from the old "Inquisitor" game.  Made a few minor tweaks (repositioned the sword) and left off a few bits 'cause I didn't like how they looked.  Base was sanded down and then rebuilt with plastic card to look industrial.  Nowadays I can just buy 40mm bases that are done this way. It was actually the first part thing that got painted which meant I had to be careful when I was painting the figure! Painted primarily with Reaper paints.

    • By R2ED
      Finally got back on to some painting.  It was a minor win, but just basing this dude feels good to be done.  One cool thing i thought was fun is that i put a footprint in the mud under his left foot.  Kind of a small, but cool detail. 
    • By minibart
      Painted this miniature in my vacation. Turned out pretty nice. Especially proud of the owl. 


    • By R2ED
      Got another one down for the weekend. 

      This time paying special attention to the face and eyes.  @Inarahmentioned to me to lighten things up a little.  So, I took her advice.  I think it turned out for the best!
      *  Taking way more time around the face this time and really putting a lot of work into leveling up the color step by step with really thin paint worked well.  VMC Burnt Red and VMC Flat Flesh was a good blend together.  I think in the face, I could have added a bit more fare skin, but hey, he's a barbarian.  He's not going for a "best skin" award, he's going for best raging out award.
      *  The bone, leather, fur was a really fun combination to work on. I kept things pretty simple and the variation between all of them were pretty complementary.  
      *  Again using the zenithal highlight really helped features stand out and give me a good starting point. 
      *  Stages: Skin, then leather elements, then accessories, then weapons.  The working method inside to out went great.  
      *  I really like the way the scabbard came out, but I kind of thing it was supposed to be straight up and down and not off to the side, but I hate when it's up and down because it'd be impossible to get the sword out of.  However, the downside is the scabbard has NO detail behind it and it's jutting out, which Ididn't think about when I glued it in place.  Wah wah.
      *  Free hand on the handle.  I added the little black/brown element on the sword handle.  I am pretty happy with that.  I think it's a nice slight add.
      *  Loin cloth was a deep red I was trying to lighten up.  I used a light grey, didn't work.  Then I tried white - pink?  Do you think a barbarian is going to wear pink?  "I reckon' you get your broccoli kicked for wearing something like that."  In thinking about it I could have pushed it to orange for the highlight.  Doh!
      *  Eyes - I did them better this time, to @Inarah's point, but I didn't have enough room to get much else in there.  I was also at a points where I knew if I tried to fix it, it was only going to get worse, so I called it where it was.  Meh.
      *  Sword - just a basic steel.  I tried to use a black wash on the bottom side of the blade to give it shading, but you really can't see it on the photo.  It's nothing special, and again, I wish it was more...anything.  It's pretty basic.
      I'm reallllly looking forward to putting a base on this one. Needs to be something epic, so this will be a special one.  I'm very, very happy with how this turned out and feel it's a good spot to stop for the weekend.  Yay!
      As always - open to feedback and would love your thoughts.


    • By Rob Dean
      I received a package a few days ago of Russian 54mm semi-flat figures.  While I broke down and ordered more before I tried painting any of them, I at least primed them, so I knew it could be done.  They looked like they would be plausible to paint (though to a “nice toy” standard rather than a “museum zinnfiguren” standard), so I sat done this morning and cranked out this fellow in about 90 minutes.  


      How flat are they?

      Being thin and plastic, they are very light, so I am thinking that I am going to have to order a bunch of 20mm x 40mm steel bases.  Then it’s a question of what sort of game are these going to turn out to support...
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