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great job, but for those of us that are tooo lazy to look up the other post, what figure is it?

Oh, sorry, forgot to include that. It's a conversion based on the old model for Fiona the Black, and the satyxis sea witch.

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Well, David, you have yourself a contender there.  I certainly can't see any damning criticisms, except maybe that it is bad luck to post them before the competition (although that's gone well for you in the past).


I feel like I should remind you to double check the lighting on small detail objects, as that's been my criticism of your stuff the past couple of years (skulls especially).  I don't see any of that going on in the photos, though, so I suspect you've been listening.


The thing that strikes me from the pictures is that the base seems less loved than she does- ie, the contrast on the base is a bit low.  


To be honest, I'm never quite sure how much love a base ought to get, since it needs to not outshine the mini.  Plus that's exactly the sort of thing that might not be showing up in the photos, but just have another look at the base and decide if the contrast is right.


Sue would tell you the contrast is too low on the base. and I find it stunning how often she can be right without varying her advice.

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