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77035: Deladrin, Female Assassin Conversion

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These days I have quite some fun converting Bones miniatures. While this might stop me from actually painting them, it might come in handy, as I can then paint them all at once.


Today's conversion uses 77035: Deladrin, Female Assassin.




as you can see the original features two weapons that were rather thick and bendy on my cast. Unfortuantly the face was also badly miscast and had no nose. Finally I was also not too happy about the abundance of studs, that seemed very impractical for a thief/assassin.


Onwards to my subtle changes:










As you can see I exchanged the two blades with some plastic bitz I had to give the appearance of a rapier and parrying dagger. I also exchanged the head with a Statuesque one and re-sculpted the hood and the hair. Finally I removed some of the studs and smoothed the surface with greenstuff. A simple conversion, but I think it enhanced the look of the miniature.

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Thank you for your comments, glad the conversion is well received.


I used the Heroic Scale Heads for this miniature, but looking at it I am not sure if the Pulp Scale ones would have been better. I definitly should have used Pulp Scale for Juliette (and I might exchange her head after the fact. That might actually be advantageous as I wanted her to have the screaming expression from the get go).


As a general rule I found that sculpts such as the Ghoul Queen, Kaladrax's companion lady and Juliette all are very small in comparison to Reaper sculpts of male miniatures. It is thus a question of how wide the shoulders are, how thick the limbs are sculpted and if it looks right in general. Accordingly, if you have a male miniature and would like to make it female the Heroic Heads might fit well, but if it is originally a female sculpt the Pulp Heads might fit the bill.


I would recommend the Heroic and Pulp Scale heads to have a good selection at hand and decide on a case to case basis. The Fine Scale heads are a bit too small for most Reaper miniatures and even for Juliette. Currently I might stop all further head conversions until I get my hands on some Pulp Scale heads and reassess/resculpt if necessary. I understand that bald versions of the Pulp heads will soon be released, but at the moment you only get the Pulp Heads with hair. Not really a problem as you can always sculpt over it/grind it off if you want another hair style.

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