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Aw, man...


Another newbie that's better than me... 


Well, maybe not at the photography part, but... ;-)


It's OK to post slightly larger pictures in these threads. How else can we show off the details?

I resize all my pictures to 1024 x 768 before posting, and it seems the uploader automagically adds thumbnails for them.

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Welcome to the forum!  ^_^


Everything looks awesome, especially for being such a new painter! I love that you're trying out lots of different things (and succeeding rather well at them!) and seem to be having a lot of fun with it! The more you paint, the more comfortable you'll get with it, so definitely keep coming up with firsts to try but also practice the seconds and fourths and twenties.

My only comment would be to bring your highlights up a little higher so you get more contrast - it'll really make a difference both in pictures and on the table.

It helps to ask about something specific that you're looking for a critique on; ie. What do you think about the blending on his skin? Does this fur read well enough like fur? etc.


You seem to be building a really great foundation for your painting; I look forward to seeing more work from you!

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 As mentioned, you seem to have the basics down pretty well. Just keep practicing them - there's no such thing as "good enough" when it comes to brush control and nice clean lines.

(A lot of new painters that have picked up the hobby fairly easily (which isn't hard to do these days with all the youtube tutorial videos and such) tend to rush past the more basic stuff without putting in the work to truly master them, but eventually it begins to show when they try to pull off more advanced things like glazing or wet-blending that really rely on having that mastery of the basics to do well.)


And the standard advise to newbies is always to make your highlights higher and your shadows deeper - it's easy to tone them down a bit afterward if you've gone too far.

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Very nice work, especially for as long as you've been painting.


To level up your photography, you might want to start here:



Thanks for the photo advice Doug! Would it be taboo to update my post with better pictures?



Not at all. You might want to put in an edit note and an update note so that anyone who is following the thread can go back to see the images again, but that's up to you.

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