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A very short Frostgrave Battle Report


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This is from the last game that I played against my son.  Both of us are sporting lvl 7  wizards, he an Elementalist, I an Illusionist.


We rolled randomly for a scenario and got The Mausoleum.  Set up terrain, placed treasure tokens, rolled for sides.


Pics of the terrain layout.


My side.




His side.




His left flank, A large construct, a halfling thief and his apprentice and a thief.




His center, an elf archer on the ruins, a hyena, a medium construct, an orc barbarian named "pokey", his wizard, a thief and a goblin thug(which has gained quite a reputation for being a badass).




My left flank, a trained attack lizard, a marksman, my apprentice and a pirate thug just hired on before this trek into the city.




My center, my Illusionist, a thief and a barbarian.




My right flank, a marksman inside the ruined house on the second floor, an infantryman, my captain and a thug.




My son wins initiative, we go through most of our phases with nothing really that important or exciting happening.  People getting into position, taking up firing spots, moving closer to treasue....oh, your elven thief is going to pick up a treasure already, okay....cool.




...you rolled an 18 for the monster roll, oh cool monsters!  Let's see what you get(son rolls dice...), looks up result...A SNOW TROLL!!!...rolls for side and plonks it down....






...on my right flank....okay....cool.


Still his turn, he has his elven archer that moves up the steps on the ruin in his center and finds a window to shoot from.




I can see the snow troll from here, I am going to shoot it....okay(checks line of sight)...




...yes you can, go for it.


My son picks up his "lucky" blue d20 and rolls it, I throw a random die into the box, My son yells "CRIT!" before my die even stops rolling.






One dead snow troll. SWEET!


At this point my phone died so my son took pics...umm, well he did but every single one of them was so blurry that you couldn't even tell what was in them.(Later on we looked at his camera lens and there was a nice greasy smeared fingerprint right on the lens. :rolleyes: )


So, a quick summary of the rest of the game...


Our warbands take care of the skeletons that are wandering the table and make for the "special" treasure tokens, I grab three, my son gets the other one.  All of these eventually get off the table in the hands of those that grabbed them, even though my son used leap on my thug to pull him back into the center of the table once.(See my post in the Frostgrave thread for a discussion on that topic. :grr:  :grr:  :grr: )


My son used leap to kill a few of my people and to get his treasure tokens off the board pretty quickly.


My sons goblin thug managed to swing all the way over to my side of the board, killed my warlizard and my marksman before scurrying back into safety on his side of the table! WTF!?!  That little guy is dangerous and someone needs to take him out!


My captain was struck down by a skeleton that somehow managed to get the jump on him from behind(I think I forgot to move him the previous turn), my son rolled his "lucky" die again...


In the end I managed to get four treasure tokens off the board, my son got two.


It was a good game but by the end I was almost to the point of rage quitting because of the leap spell that was being used incorrectly(we did not know this at the time).


My treasures turned out to be mostly mundane with the exception of a grimoire, my son got scrolls and a grimoire.


No one died in my warband but a few are missing the next game, my captain being one of them.


My son lost no one either but his hyena will miss the next game, just going to get a new one he said.


That's it folks, just a little short one.  All in all a good game.

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@Chris Palmer  --  Thank you very much.  I feel that the terrain is starting to come together as a themed group now and I like it.  I have more I want to do so we shall see what happens.


@Chaoswolf  --  Thanks, that leap spell was really hurting me more than anything else in the game.  I am so glad we got it sorted before I had to leap my son out of the basement.


Glad you guys enjoyed the little report, I wish I could have gotten more pics to really finish the report.  Hopefully next time my son and I can get enough pics to do a full report from both of our points of view.

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