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Reaper Deathsleet Dragon (Rainbow Scheme)


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I support gaudy dragons. 

your black-lining is a little heavy, especially on the outer (gold) wings, its kind of distracting. 

and on the wing spikes, I usually try for white, brown, black lines at the base of the claw-things.  Where did I put that tutorial... 



hmm that wasn't the one I learned on, but it is the same technique. 


but that dragon has great impact, it will be awesome on the table. 

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 Shiny... :B):


 The one comment that I would make is that I agree that the black-lining on the vanes of the wings and inbetween the rainbow colors is a bit heavy...


When you paint multi-colored wings, the lines of color need to closely follow the lines of the wing and the vanes in order to look natural. It's easiest to paint each section between the vanes one at a time as its own shape - each color should be roughly sort of the same wedge shape as that section of wing, with the wedges getting consecutively smaller the closer you get to the front edge of the wing. It's not unlike drawing a spiderweb. Thus, on Deathsleet, it might look something like this...

Here are a couple of examples of multi-colored wings I've done: magenta-orange-peach and magenta-orange-yellow...

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