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Spell effect conversions in Zombicide (Gandalf Battle-Smoker)

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That looks great Teskal. Wonderful use of the pin to sculpt the fireball around.

And the fireball effect really suits that mini and its pose. I really like it.

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Morgan starts throwing Lightning bolts in Zombicide: Black Plague

(I think this thread should be eventually in conversions and not in WIP)

Also known as Merlin in the movie Excalibur.

The mini is only in base colors in the moment. (I learned it is not a good idea to do it first, if you want to modifiy a mini...)
I used a ~0.6mm wire and pliers with sharp edges to get the curves in the wire. I wanted much sharper edges, but we can't get always what we want or not?

Drilled a hole in the staff and get the wire in the hole and bended the wire so mostly in one direction.

I painted it first in a metallic white and used Minitaire Ghost Ink Yellow and put on the edges and few other spots normal white.


I'm not sure if I will not change the color of the lightning. I'm not totally convinced if I like the color.



Another version I made before I made the new version on the top.


Same method, used round pliers instead and more bended wires. The wire under the hand is also in a drilled hole.

Glued partly parts with super glue or 2-epoxy glue.


I wanted lightnings, but after painting it blue-white, it looked more like water.


But I got also an idea on FB to let it black and that this could be Venom. :-) What I liked and will use it as spell effect eventually later.




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to get sharp edges  you might try pounding the wire a bit flat before twisting it up so it has more of a flat look.

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What I tried was silver and a blue transparent paint (Minitaire Ghost Inks). But wasn't really cool.

There is a cool miniature from Infamy Miniatures. It is named Tesla and has a lighning sculpted, which looks really cool and looks also cool painted blue white. Painted pictures are easy to find online. But on a wire only it looks not so good.


I'm thinking about making more magical effects. Two minis I would like to give spell effects:
1st: Baldric aka Gandalf
He need a pointed hat! And eventuall a pipe in his mouth and out of the pipe some smoke and the smoke looks like... I don't know... :-)

But more important I'm not sure which magical effect I can give him. He didn't use much magic in the books. Only a light spell I can remember and non-successful 'Open Door' spells...


Anyone remembering other spells?


2nd: Milo aka The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Does anyone know "Der Zauberlehrling" from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? (english translation) I thought about this poem the first time I saw Milo. :-)

So I thought maybe to make a broom standing on 'two legs' which he use to get more speed in the game. :-)


Eventually also a buckel fallen on it's side and water on the floor.

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Check this picture:




And check this picture, can you tell what is wrong with this mini? Beside needing paint?




Working on his spell:






Also started working on his back:



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Ok, the bucket is not a beauty, but unique. :-)


Tell me what you think about the pipe?


My idea was to make the smoke glowing. I want to make a hat later and a glowing smoke-cloud hiding afraid under the hat and one cloud behind the had and in the top of the staff. Any one know the afraid glowing cloud?

Only drawback would be that the hat does hide the nice hair.





Edited by Teskal
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The pipe is a nice touch, although I wonder if a pipe like that shouldn't be too heavy to keep it in his mouth withouth holding it with one hand.

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