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Spell effect conversions in Zombicide (Gandalf Battle-Smoker)

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Yes, it would be maybe to heavy. But I would use the same face-saver I use for loincloth-babarians and chainmail bikinis. :-)


I'm not a skilled sculptor and doing only easy stuff. If I could do it, I would give it small wings. :-) And put it on his shoulder.



Edit: I have eventually very small bats, which wings I could use. Or I make butterfly wings...


Again Edit: Just watched a hummingbird on youtube. Eventually his wings I could do. Ok, often you can't even see them, because they move sooo fast.

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I changed the pipe a little bit, made the shank shorter and bowl little smaller. Yeah, I googled the names of the parts. :-)


And again, I need to wait till the GS hardened.



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Didn't like the old hat. So I removed it today. I didn't break it, so I can use it later for something else.

I made a new one and increased the diameter of the brim and decreased the diameter of the crown. I needed to google the hat part names. :-) The original diameter of the pointy crown was to large for my taste.

I'm not sure why, eventually because the brim is thinner this time, I can't get some parts of it higher as the other.



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