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DesktopHero: Free 3D-Printable Character Maker

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About this project




Have you ever made up a character in your head, and wished you could make that character real? Physically hold them in your hand? 

DesktopHero is a web app that lets you easily design your own characters for 3D printing. You start with a basic 3D figure - then add armor, clothes, hair, and weapons, crafting your hero onscreen. 

When you're done, you can download the file and get it 3D printed into a real, physical object - to paint, to hold, to use in games... to keep on your desk and stare at while you should be working... ;-)

DesktopHero lets you turn your ideas into a physical reality, and we think you'll love it. 

59faac8c10497541235e9a1ec31f8df4_originaDesign your character, then choose from a variety of different poses.



We've already been working on DesktopHero for several months to develop a proof of concept. Check out this video to see it in action:


0a8550c591f01391e3219fb03b912c42_originaChoose your character's gender, clothing, pose and weaponry.



We are aware that similar services do exist out there on the internet. Here are the things that make DesktopHero stand out!

It's Free and it's Yours. Once you design a character, you can download the file for free, then use it however you want - including commercially. 

Make as Many as You Want. There is no limit to how many characters you can download! That means you can make multiple versions of a character with different weapons or clothing, or print an entire party of different characters! It's still free. 

It's Easy to Use. We've tested this on middle schoolers and adults alike - no artistic or 3d modeling skills required. Just use the buttons and sliders in the app to load assets and poses designed by our artists. 

52afcb4128d9f41c57471360ef6a3c21_originaExport your character model with or without a base.


bd0d338b39d95a952fab80f4d82df32c_origina3D print your model, then paint it for full effect.

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That's a pretty large scale mini pictured in that guys hand. Are they offering them in multiple scales?

Well, technically, the scale is just a setting on the printer. But, I suppose it could run into problems printing in smaller scales.
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Hi friends, happy to see some interest here! I'm the creator of DesktopHero.


Darsc Zacal, responding to your question: as Pegazuz said, you can print these guys at whatever scale you like. (I myself do 5' figurines more than I do minis.)


For smaller models you will want to enable 'thicken model' mode, which will help it come out right when you print it - not fragile. I should probably talk about that in the Kickstarter page. Thanks for bringing it up.


I'd be happy to answer any more questions about DesktopHero!

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It will be free. Really, we're just trying to create a cool tool that lots of people can use. We want it to be accessible to many people as possible. So the kickstarter campaign is just to cover the costs of making it.


Out of curiosity, what type of printer did you get?

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This is awesome! It looks like a great tool!

Sadly I have a PLA printer, not one of the resin or sandstone ones. The overhangs would turn my prints into noodle-town. :-/ (which sounds like it would be awesome, but it's not...)

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This is awesome! It looks like a great tool!


Sadly I have a PLA printer, not one of the resin or sandstone ones. The overhangs would turn my prints into noodle-town. :-/ (which sounds like it would be awesome, but it's not...)



I print mine on a PLA printer! Sometimes it takes some finagling to find the right settings, but with supports they come out just fine.

Just to tie these two together, but AutoDesk's Print Studio is able to bring in the STL and add supports where needed. I got it free from my 3D printer company (Dremel), but it appears that it is a free download to begin with. That should help out with the noodling.

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I just threw a little bit of money at this as i really want to see it succeed. It looks like it could be really interesting. I wonder if it will get into some of the more odd humanoids, like kitsune. I play Pathfinder Society and some of the odd races, like kitsune, wayangs and the elemental races are hard to find figures for

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Hey guys, I'm happy to say that as of right now DesktopHero is 130% funded! Thanks for the contributions that came from here. 


Still a week and a half left to hit more stretch goals - some of the cooler ones being the ability to upload your own resources, and the ability to collaborate and share resources with other users of the app. If you know anyone who might be interested in something like this, feel free to share it with them! 


Sanway, to answer your question: this first iteration of DesktopHero probably won't include resources for the the 'odd humanoid' races you mentioned, but there is plenty of room for expansion down the road if that's what people want to see!

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I decided to add $20 to the pot.


And I happen to have one Resin printer already(iBox mini. Not a good printer. Avoid) and backed another, the OLO on KS.(This one uses 'Daylight curing' resin and a smartphone. Interesting concept)

In addition to my two filament-based printers, of course...

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