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Jay... this is your BEST to date! You really knocked it out of the park, I totally thought the bark base was plain, but you explained you had painted it to look so natural! LEVEL UP!!!

Thank you my friend.  I honestly was shocked when I looked at the base and realized that I had done it.  The cliff face was like a symphony to do.

I just followed one of the old video's I saw, took my time, and just played.  The nest and eggs were a fun thing to do, but gosh is it tiny.  I didn't think

I could even paint something that small, and put a pattern on the eggs..ROFL.  Thank you for you help, and valuable input !


The Noble Osprey defending his nest, beautiful!!!


I love everything about it.


Great job...


But...How is a hungry wolf able to get some eggs now???

I'm so glad you like him Xherman.  Uhh, I wouldn't mess with the Osprey, but I don't think the chicken coups have armed

themselves yet.  Just be casual like, and check them out before raiding !!


Love the final result! Very nice!

So glad you came along for the bumpy ride as I did this miniature.

Lots of learning, and lots of fun.  Its a great sculpt !  Thanks.

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Superb job!  The eggs on the base certainly add a fun story to the miniature, and you have some strong color depth in the mini!!!  Also, I just have to say that I love the natural-looking pattern on those eggs!   ::):

Thank you so much Kuro Cleanbrush !  I really started remembering some art lessons I had, and started mixing in the burnt umbers, and darks into my paint.  Remembering to use Complimentary colors in shadows.  Thank you for noticing the eggs, I actually looked up Osprey eggs, and they are mottled so I really appreciate that it was noticed.  Ub3R also provided me with a view of the Osprey eggs.  I have adored painting this one.


This is truly a wonderful scene, with great contrast between the model and it's base. The story here is easy to see. My hat's off to you Sir!


Thank You Vegascat.  I can honestly say that doing this had become a labor of love,and also great learning.

There are many chances to excel with this mini.  It really taught me a lot about color, balance, and brush control.

That face and feathers is daunting, but it can be done.. and when you get the eyes in...wow does it come to life.

PS, you really should post this to Darksword's Fb page.

Sadly I don't use the facebook stuff since it draws too much attention to myself and family.

My kids have asked that I limit their exposure on the web.

But it would be nice to see it up there with some of that beautiful stuff !




PS, you really should post this to Darksword's Fb page.

I don't think Jay does any kind of social media.


Thanks UB3R,

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I very nice piece indeed.  As others have said, the work you have been putting in has paid off on this piece.  Bravo!

Thank you soooo much my friend.

It has been a delightful , and learning full experience for me.

I can't believe I was sculpting a nest the size of a dime..ROFL.

Really taught me a lot, and I hope I passed that excitement along in my WIP.

Thanks again.

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Really nice! You've put together a great scene. I also really like the red and the green. 

Thank You Patrik !

This is one of those times when I decided to play with complimentary colors.

It really worked out to my benefit !

I also was mixing in darks (like burnt Umber), walnut brown into my reds, and browns.

It really added to a richer color. (my color wheel got a bit of a workout). 

So thank you again !

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