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Darakan: posting rules?


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Oldest of three siblings, and I was 5 years older than my 'closest' sibling (a wierd hiccup about my genetic makeup, I'm PM those /really/ interested). But long story short, too many years of experience dealing with immature people, and I also remember when I was that age...


--lstormhammer, old age and treachery.

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A suggestion for everyone in the Darakan game. Again, from experience.


Use standard rules for writing your posts.


When your character says something, put it in quotes. This makes it much easier to pick out.


When your character does something, in normal text.


When your character is thinking something, use italics.




The long road had taken it's toll on the weary paladin. What was I thinking, agreeing to help this dwarf regain his throne? The words aren't spoken outloud, but Isfret is beginning to wonder the wisdom in her actions. Looking over at the uncomplaining and dedicated dwarf, she can't help but marvel at his perseverance. Indeed, a lesson or two can be learned from him.


"So, how much further is this town anyway, I'm starving."

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Remember, I've been playing in this style of rp for almost 5 years now at Shadowland. There are even rules there as to how to format your post.  :D


Oh, all the posts I've read so far have been great and everyone has been doing this. Just remember that using paragraphs makes a post much easier to read !!

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