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Darakan: posting rules?


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Well, I was calling him the Islander for 2 reasons: One: Michael went lazy, and didn't give me a name. Two: It kind of ruins an IC posting when I say 'And Lord Hadren narrows his gaze, his tired voice suddenly becoming steel. He levels this deadly gaze at Michael-TLH, and says:'


You get the idea. \


Anywho, I'm prayin' RL stays nice and quiet today.



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Okay... I sense that people are growing restless... remember that our characters wouldn't... it's been 2 days RL, but probably not even an hour game time.


I know that I, personally, cannot check the site every hour (of course, right now that's not true --- but normally it is, hee hee!). Is it just me or is it hard to keep up when there's a ton of posts? If it is, I don't mean to be a creep about it.


So... maybe I'm saying to be patient? I don't know. I'm just waiting for 'hammer to say whether or not anyone can read what the ring says, before I decide which plan of action.


I guess I'm saying that it's my perception that people are jumping the gun, so to speak, we should wait to decide what to do, maybe? Ahhhhh.... I don't know.


Please be patient with me... it's all new to me.


:D :D :D

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