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Shattered Void - The Sci-Fi Dogfighting Tabletop Wargame by White Dragon Miniatures Kickstarter

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Huge capital class vessels sit in the background, engaging in tit-for-tat slugging matches as they slowly lumber in the darkness, explosions and debris litter the vast expanse between these metallic behemoths but their battle is none of your concern, your fight is a more personal one...


Your skills as a Squadron Leader and the abilities of your wing-men will be put to the test in a ballet of fire and destruction. Will you return speaking of heroic acts or succumb to the cold, silent void?

Welcome to Shattered Void, pilot.




Thank you for joining us on Kickstarter Campaign for Shattered Void by White Dragon Miniatures! We look forward to your support to bring our highly anticipated game to a gaming table near you!


All ships (including further stretchgoal miniatures) for this Kickstarter have been conceptually designed, 3D modelled, 3D printed and initial production casts done so this Kickstarter is not about renders that we would like to get produced, this Kickstarter is for actual physical miniatures that are ready to go with a supporting, fun and engaging ruleset to scratch that sci-fi itch!


We believe this is the best way a campaign should be ran, as you (the Backer) are not sat for years waiting for miniature production or rules creation based on an idea. We believe in our products and have done all the preparation work in advance - all we need is your help getting Shattered Void out there to the world and to your gaming tables!


We can't wait to show you all what we've been working on over the last 5 years with the upcoming Stretchgoal unlocks! Many of you may already have seen some of our fantastic miniatures at shows like Salute over the years but NOW is the time for you to own them! Fasten that belt pilot, it's going to be an entertaining ride!


All miniatures come unassembled and unpainted in highly detailed polyurethane resin.




Shattered Void is a tabletop wargame for two or more players set in the cold vastness of space with engagements between several warring races. 


Battles typically consist of between 5 to 15 vessels per side and last for roughly one and a half to two hours. Further down this section is a video explaining very briefly some of the basic core mechanics used in the game

The rules for Shattered Void will always be free to download and play, with a Print, Cut and Play sheet also available so people can get a feel for the gameplay before committing to buy any of the physical spacecraft.


The rules themselves will not be entering printed media just yet as we plan on the Shattered Void ruleset to be a living variant. This means as games are played we can adjust values or statistics of the ships when required to make the most balanced ruleset we can with the help of you guys, the community! Once they have been fine tuned, we will then look at releasing a printed rules book, though this may be 6-8 months after the fulfilment of this Kickstarter.

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