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14498 Nagendra Warrior AKA Sssllthr by Glitterwolf


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The Snake Guy turned out SPLENDIDLY. I love your color choices AND the brushwork is TERRIFICOUTSTANDING WORK!


Thx Al, Glad you appreciate him!


Looks great. Nice patina on the shield.


Thx, the Verdigris is from Vallejo, That and a few different metals from P3 and Scale 75 made a nice worn shield.


I think I will do this more often in my Lost World Army.

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Thx people,


Your comments are very motivating, appreciated!



Serpentmen are second only to barbarians for me, so......instead of barbaric splendor - Ophidian Menace!


Then you're in for a treat, I'm building an Army ( see my sig - Lost World) Many reptiles, amphibians, dinos and even some mammals and terrorbirds will find their way to the forum.

Many snakes and serpentmen among them.


I will paint every single warrior as an individual, so the army will look like a very colourful bunch.

I love reptiles, I used to keep lizards, turtles, newts and frogs in my youth.

So I'm heavily inspired by nature.

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