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Glacia the Winter Witch - An ub3r WIP

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This is 10052 - Glacia the Winter Witch from Bombshell Miniatures. I'm doing this figure not as a winter witch, but rather as an Islander pirate shapeshifter sorceress for a friend as a thank you for doing me a huge personal favor. First off I've added a skull to her belt instead of the snowflake that was there previously. Then I added some green stuff to fill out the belt itself and give it more bulk as well as fill the gaps between the skull and the metal.


The base is the uneven planks happy seppuku stamp in sculpey.


Inspiration picture-post-7987-0-90439400-1467583268_thumb.png




Going to try to get this done over the next few days.

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I would recommend letting the base sit until you have finished the mini.

Then you can look at the base and incorporate the colors from the mini to enhance the base.

Looking at the base now, I say.. Needs highlights, but you are no where near putting in a highlight, since

you still have color to do on the mini (in my humble opinion).  Love the face development though !

Go UB3R GO !

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I'm actually using a lot (most) of the same colors on her skin as I did on her base. I may add more highlights to the base tho, it's missing something to me and I think a light drybrush of an off white may be what that base needs.


Looking to keep the base simple and effective as its for my friend's game and not display.

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Looked more closely at the figure and figure concept art and realized she's showing a lot more skin than I originally thought. It's a happy accident as the inspiration pic has more skin showing too!


Here's where I'm at now-


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This mini was one of my favorites from Patrick this time round. I love the inspiration pic and the added details especially the skull.


I agree the base looks much better now, it appeared too flat at first now it shows the texture much better. I'm not sure how far along you are with her skin, but the color is  looking awesome. I know you aren't done yet but right now her tribal tattoos steal the show a bit for her face rather than her eyes. Where the inspiration pic I am immediately drawn to the eyes and are the brightest focal point. Otherwise I love the direction you are going and I am sure she will look great on the game table.


Looking forward to seeing her progress.

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It's looking really great.  I can't wait to put her into action.  She's the Pirate Captain in charge of the player's characters as her Boarding Party / Away Team.


If anyone would like to read up on Ravana, Captain of the Mourner's Veil, you can find her full description and learn about her true identity on Google Drive.


Ravana's picture is a combination of an original creation from an online artist and some edits I made ... like the tattoos, eyes, the power on her hand, and some of the gear.


Luckily, none of my players are on Reaper.  Though you have seen me post their efforts under our local Paint Day thread.


The campaign we're doing is a "build as we go" world where, like Shannara, they come across artifacts and places from "Earth" but the world has changed considerably.


Each of the PCs are non-standard races ... including a grippli, a lizardman, a pellyte (home-brew half-trolls), an ogre, a hadozee, and a grimlock.


They've found three major magical items that they are allowed to use per the captain, a Helmet, a Shield and a Sword.  Two of which are artifacts of old-Aerth.


If you want to know more about their adventures and such, I can be coerced into posting stories as I get around to writing them.

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