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Babes III by Bombshell Miniatures

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Hope you all had a great holiday last week.


Great news folks! over a third of the backers have returned their orders. Thanks everyone!


I have been working on the next sculpts and will have an update with pics shortly.



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Uh...totally blanked and forgot about my pledge manager. I'll have to try and then send off screenshots to Patrick if it doesn't work still. I still blame work for my continuing memory loss.

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Wait...the survey or the actual rewards choices?

Reward choices. My credit was not applying to my order.

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Hey all! Hope you had a great holiday season! We are back to work on lots of cool new things for 2017 and will be wrapping up production on the Babes 3 project shortly.


If you have not yet selected your rewards options we encourage you to place your orders soon. Pledge management will be open until February 1st 2017!

If you have any difficulty placing your order contact us at -- [email protected]


Here are the things going off to mastering next week.


















 We have received production castings back from Valiant and they are fantastic looking. The forge set is done and we'll begin making production molds for the resin forge this month.


 Bz-R bot is off to the printer and we should have the pieces back ready for mastering in a couple of weeks.


 These are the remaining sculpts for the project ready to go! I will be doing my best to wrap these up by the end of the month to get them off to mold. More pics as they progress.

a31b8b65f5d8a3f1dd2bb3ab932fdec5_originaShaeldaryth, Anugrah the Oracle, and Ellie

 If I can manage to get the sculpts done and out to production by the end of January we should have all of the production castings back in time to wrap up fulfillment before AdeptiCon. At least that's the plan!


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Production Update 4




Hey all! It has been a rough start to the new year with the Bomb Squad being pulled in every different direction. But we are all back on track now. So, I have some good news and some bad news. Custom dictates I deliver the bad news first.




Today is February 1st and the remaining three sculpts are still not done. This has a little to do with shuffling some scheduling around, and a lot do with handling outside client work.




The pledge manager will remain open on your web store account until you place your order. So, if you are holding out to see the final sculpts before placing your order for your rewards, nothing will change.


We will begin processing orders and shipping rewards for those who we can fulfill. This will get a jump on things well before our posted estimated delivery date of June 2017.


In the interim, here are a few pics of what is going on at the moment.




Anugrah work-in-progress



Master castings for approval. Production castings on the way.



Bz-R printed by Trenchworx ready to go to mold.



Officer Chase painting in progress by Mary Profitt



Medieval Maelee painting in progress by Mary Profitt



Operative Haley painting in progress by Mary Profitt



Anvalla the Forgemaiden painting in progress by Mary Profitt

More pics to come as soon as we can post them! Our big push is to get all of this wrapped up to take to AdeptiCon and we hope to see some of you there.


Thanks for sticking in there with us!



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I won't get mine anytime soon, as I am still waiting on the last few sculpts to be finished before I fill in the pledge manager

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I won't get mine anytime soon, as I am still waiting on the last few sculpts to be finished before I fill in the pledge manager


Sympathy like there Sanwah.

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