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Babes III by Bombshell Miniatures


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Like the orc a lot. Wondering what I could swap out for in her left hand though, make her a little more battle ready.

You could add some green stuff around the bucket making it into a sack of loot.


Edit: forgot to add I also really like that ork lady too.

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... gorramnit. And here I was just starting to think there wasn't enough interesting to make it /that tempting/. And then, suddenly, orcs.

I can always find a place for more half-orc girls. With a thing that could be a censer, yet... or a bucket of rats. Or ... the possibilities, they're endless.


Drat. And yet. Ooooh. Shiiiiiiny...

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Only 12 Hours Remain! 

Here is the chance to hop in and help us unlock two more Babes before time runs out! The will be your best chance to get these miniatures at the Kickstarter price. Unlike past campaigns, these models will not be available for a pre-order discount to non-backers before they are released at retail. Help us get them made here!

We are crossing the halfway point to unlocking Anvalla!


And if you thought I was going to go quietly into the night without teasing you for a final surge. Well -- I'm just not like that.


Valeria is fantastic design by Chris Walton and I would certainly love to sculpt this and make her a part of the Babes line. We can do it!


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