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Kate Lethbridge Stewart from"Doctor Who"

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I LOVE this figure!
This is Kate Stewart, daughter of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the long-time character on "Doctor Who" played by the late Nicholas Courtney.  Played by Jemma Redgrave, she is the head of scientific research in UNIT.


(Crooked Dice is one of those places that plays coy with minis, so they call her "Department X Cuckoo")


I love this figure because I love the character, but also because it is a terrific mini of a middle-aged woman of authority, suitable for a prime minister, president, or other important female-type person with dignity.  She reminds me of some of my older relatives and certain executive and presidential women I have met.


I did not take pictures of my basic prep: gluing the mini to a base (I am dissatisfied with my gluing so far but I think I have an idea how to improve it in future), priming thinly with Titanium White, and washing with Burnt Umber.


I was so excited to get started on her I painted her face and hair straight away.

post-8022-0-46370200-1467680871.jpg post-8022-0-26717900-1467680895.jpg


post-8022-0-41417500-1467680915.jpg post-8022-0-89571900-1467680939.jpg


post-8022-0-18129200-1467680888.jpg post-8022-0-33443800-1467680904.jpg post-8022-0-66197700-1467680929.jpg


This is a new approach to blonde hair for me.  I mixed quite a dull color from Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White, and it seems to have avoided the brassy look some of my blonde hair has had.


I also have been noticing, looking at people, that you rarely see such a made-up eye with dark liner all around as is often painted on minis.  Watching the actress, who has very dark eyes, I noticed that she had quite a dark line of lashes above her eye, but almost invisible below.  So I am trying that as a look.

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She is basically wearing all navy blue, with black boots.  I laid a transparent cold black made from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna over her clothes.

post-8022-0-91590000-1467728863.jpg post-8022-0-04043600-1467728870.jpg


Mixed in some Titanium White and laid it on her base, thinly.



Then I mixed a cold very dark transparent blue from Carbon Black and Phthalo Blue and put down the darkest shadows.

post-8022-0-30066600-1467729080.jpg post-8022-0-50206000-1467729088.jpg

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Wow. I haven't really been paying much attention to Crooked Dice since they first opened, but the accuracy of this sculpt and the 3rd Doctor in your other thread are simply spot on.  Kudos to whomever is doing the sculpting.


I like the blonde hair.  So many times I see a figure painted as a blonde and it just screams YELLOW HAIR as it sears my retinas.  This is nicely subdued, and looks very natural.

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I love how you paint black here!


Thank you.



I realized I was dissatisfied with how solid, opaque black paint looks.  It somehow doesn't look to me as convincing, even though it is literally solid black, as something more watercolory and colorful.


So I've been trying more transparent layers to see what sort of built-up effects I can get.

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Her entire outfit (except for her boots) is navy blue. 


To get the effect, first I put a thin coat of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, mixed just to the blue side of neutral, over her entire outfit.  This is a color that looks blue and opaque when wet, nearly black (but more nuanced) and transparent when dry.

post-8022-0-54041300-1477270761.jpg post-8022-0-09829600-1477270768.jpg


This is kind of the fun bit.  I built up the highlights by adding more Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White together to the mix, making it both lighter and bluer.  It doesn't look like navy blue, but that's okay; this is an underpainting to be glazed over.  The blue in it will give extra richness to the later color.


post-8022-0-99771800-1477270851.jpg post-8022-0-07943800-1477270857.jpg


I always go lighter and more exaggerated than the highlights need to be because the glazing later really brings them down.


post-8022-0-05580100-1477270864.jpg post-8022-0-48568800-1477270870.jpg


Finally I mixed a transparent deep navy blue out of Phthalocyanine Blue, Burnt Umber, and Red Iron Oxide.  It is a very strong, intense color.  I took a very small amount of it on a slightly damp brush and laid it all over the figure.  While it was still wet I swiped away some off the highlights with a clean wet brush to lighten them.


I also took a very small brush with a tiny bit of the lightest blue-grey I used in the underpainting and laid in a few edges and highlights into the still-wet paint.

post-8022-0-54975000-1477271021.jpg post-8022-0-72370900-1477271033.jpg




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Finishing-up bits.
Metallics.  She has a gold earring, brass buttons on her coat, and a sort of silver collar fastener thing hanging off her right lapel.
post-8022-0-49551300-1477429781.jpg post-8022-0-60661300-1477429822.jpg
And I painted some shine on her boots and tidied up the way her boots and the grey ground meet (I think I have gotten the hang of gluing minis to bases, finally, but a bit too late for this one).
post-8022-0-84229000-1477429913.jpg post-8022-0-53076300-1477429919.jpg
post-8022-0-31704200-1477429925.jpg post-8022-0-04120300-1477429931.jpg
Finally, here's a shot of her with some Zygons, classic Doctor Who aliens who feature prominently in her story arcs:

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