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That is a SPLENDID start to a FINE looking mini...he is a serious looking Dude. Dark Sword has come a long ways from the first (& only) ones I painted when they first came out.

For some reason whenever I see a mini with a bow in one hand & a sword in the other, I picture him absentmindedly 

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So did some more work on his skin...


Arabic Shadow and Pink Flesh, then Pink Flesh, then Pink Flesh and Basic Flesh, then Basic Flesh, then Basic Flesh and Golden Skin, Then Golden Skin.....


I also looked at the way his beard and Mustache looked in the Arabic Shadow against his skin, and decided it would make a splendid base for the Blond Hair the player asked for...


post-14271-0-98487700-1468051388_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-05467800-1468051390_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-33773200-1468051391_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-35799900-1468051392_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-33961100-1468051393_thumb.jpg


Pretty pleased with how he is going so far...


Thanks for looking!



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I like that the face and hair are similar in color- neat effect.  I think I'd up the contrast though if possible.  Put some darker shadows on the skin maybe?  You might even be able to do this just with and slight shift in color through more glazing- maybe adding a hint of something like a mahogany brown or ruddy leather or even going greenish with an olive.  Mediterranean type skin responds very well to olive shadows, especially if you're planning to use green in the clothing.  Alternatively, if you're going to go very light with the hair, that'll do the trick as well.  I love this mini.  Supposedly it's a self portrait of the sculptor, which is just so much fun!  the eyes are looking great!


What is your overall color scheme for the player?  I like using complementaries, so picking a shadow color for the skin that will either harmonize or complement another color in the scheme is a fun trick.


Keep up the great work!  You're doing an awesome job with the glazing and smoothness!

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Thanks everyone! :blush:


Players list:

Hair will be blond, so going up a step or 2 there

Cloak Dark green (But I think I am going to use Field Grey*)

Pants, quiver and armor browns

Boots black


We will also see what browns I plan on....

And not sure about black boots....


I keep referring to the DSM page to look at colors and what is what....


(It is not a commission, it is my mini, painting up for the player's use... so I can do what I want....




Edit--> the base color for the skin and hair are both the same, Scale 75 Arabic Shadow, from the Flesh Paint Set....


* Field Grey is actually a Green Grey color, it is called that due to being the color of Wehrmacht uniforms during WWII....

Edited by knarthex
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