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Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines


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I got an email the other day saying that I am one of the people that needs to lock in my pledge.


The thing is, I have placed at least two orders, maybe three.

The pull I did to get those addresses just looked at who had items in cart that were'n't locked in. It didn't account for people who made an order (or two) and then added more things to cart but didn't lock those items in (like you).


So you got the notice because you have an order that shows >$0 "due" and "unlocked". Just ignore it if you like.


Thanks for the clarification. 


I am planning to buy more stackers at some point. I am just holding out for the hopeful release of other sizes.


Our next options are either Spider Lair, traps, or 2x6 stacker. We'd really appreciate "votes" in the comments of the KS.



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I got that message, but I [redacted] still haven't locked in an order at all.

We're trying to encourage as many backers as possible to confirm at least initial pledge, and as many as we can to add additional funds now, so that we can determine if post-project funds are sufficient to add additional rewards. When last I looked were were very close to being able to add another reward.


There is not a lot of time for additional unlocks, as we do have to give order numbers very soon to be able to meet deadlines, which is something we'd truly love to be able to do.

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I am one of the 'unlocked' pledgers, when I was checking the pledge manager a couple of weeks ago after the Australian postage was sorted out it was fine, but I was dithering over an extra titem to round out my existing pledge amount so didn't lock in then.


So last night I went into the pledge manager to finalise that choice and lock in, and the postage rates for Australia have reverted to their US based values. I obviously won't be locking in while it's asking me to pay $80 postage instead of $9, so am hoping that whatever the issue is can be noticed and sorted soon as I don't want to be one of the causes for uncertainty around extra stretch unlocks.


I've dropped a comment in the Kickstarter comments itself but thought I'd mention here too in case others are seeing a similar issue now, or if it can be noted and rectified soonish. If I haven't seen anything change for a couple of days (allowing for Reaper peeps to recover after Reapercon) then I'll drop an email to the appropriate inbox too.

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Thanks for the follow up. No such luck I'm afraid - the issue as mentioned above was on my iPad yesterday, since then I've tried my PC at work, and just now tried clearing cache/cookies on my iPad, logging in again on safari (same issue) and then clear and log in again via chrome (same result). I've also confirmed that I'm browsing to ks.reapermini.com/sw


It was working for me a couple weeks ago across a number of visits to the pledge manager when the postage was first updated so I know it was okay for some time, and so seems to have been something more recent. I haven't changed address, I have checked my profile in the pledge manager and confirmed is my normal address. In short I can't see anything I have done (or not done) on my side to explain this reversion. But if there are other suggestions I'm open to ideas, unless it is preferred that I raise an email to go through standard channels?

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I'm currently having trouble with the pledge manager as well - the selection box isn't loading at all. It loads for Baseboss, which I have already checked out for, but for both Cav2 and Secret Weapon the login just gives me an empty page with only the header showing up.


And yes, I've tried logging out and back in again, force refreshing and every other option that I personally tell people to do when they are having similar problems. The issue is occurring with all four browsers I have installed (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge). Some of these had never gone to the sites before.

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problem experienced yesterday has been fixed, and AU postage rates seem to be normal again...

AU postage changed something how the postage data had to be submitted, resulting in abnormal results to our queries, but we were able to get our query structure modified very quickly and now everything is reporting correctly again.

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problem experienced yesterday has been fixed, and AU postage rates seem to be normal again...

AU postage changed something how the postage data had to be submitted, resulting in abnormal results to our queries, but we were able to get our query structure modified very quickly and now everything is reporting correctly again.



I'd say I'm surprised, but really can't be as this sounds about par for the course :-(


Thanks for getting it fixed.

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