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Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines


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They just posted a new update and things are still running on schedule. Can't beat that news. There was also a bit of a surprise about the original sculpts. I'm not a stickler for exact measurements but It's good they found and fixed it before the molds were made.




Because resin is imprecise, I made a point of checking every single master cast that we were sending to China -- and noticed that they were all just a wee, tiny bit off. And that's when I discovered that Klaus had done all of the work in MM, which was very close but not quite true to the inches conversion. This meant that every single piece required some additional sculpting.




I like the X Mini speaker in the shot. Bought some of those a few years back for gifts.

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I just happened to think of this today and finally locked mine in. I dialed it way back from where I thought I'd be (though still spent more than I really wanted) to what I thought would be essential for me:



Bridge Set x3

SW Core Set x2

Orc Warrens x1

Track Set x2



Tried mainly for broad strokes, I guess. I went back and forth on the risers but ultimately decided that for what I'll ever want at the table I'd be just as happy sticking something already sitting around the house underneath anything I want elevated.


Really hated passing on the paint and minis, as the deals were great, but.

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