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Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

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Playtested a couple of of our games for the upcoming Fall-In convention today using all my, and a friend's, Tablescapes Dungeon Mines terrain from the Kickstarter.  There were 5 Core Sets and a a bunc

I assembled and painted by first piece for use at Origins next week; you can see it and my comments here:  

No shipping notification email, but my box of goodies showed up on my doorstep today!   It was bigger than I expected, but that was because I'd forgotten that I'd added the Extra Walls set i

Posted Images

Think they've done the right thing here. As best they could. Kind of hope I haven't shipped yet, but no way to know since they missed notices on who knows how many.


They'll really need to get some ducks in a row going forward.

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So after a lot of feedback yesterday, we went back to the drawing board to think about how to make good on what we said - that we wanted to make this right.

The two problems facing us are that we left a small, but vital, component out of the boxes that ship as Core Sets, and that we don't have the inventory to cover all of the orders.

We had hoped that a discount code would make up for the error, and you let us know very clearly that it would not.

So here's our solution:

Step one - what little inventory we do have is being sent today to the UK and AU Hubs so that those backers (about 400 of you) will not be missing those, and thus will not have to await a second shipment later, which could potentially cost import taxes if it came from Sacramento, etc. Our UK and AU hubs will not begin shipping until they have these, so it is expected to add at least another 3 weeks to a month to their start time.

Step two - beginning today, our shop in Sacramento is going to begin using the remaining inventory to add stairs to backers whose orders have not yet shipped. We do, as it happens, have enough to make this happen, but only *just*.

Step three - we have already asked for a price and time quote for a restock, and they have responded that due to a holiday in Hong Kong they can't get us an answer today (i was hoping we'd have that before this update, but I'm not holding the update for the quote) but we will have it tomorrow. We will order more of the stair, and when they arrive we can do step four

Step four - After the restock arrives, we can take the list of backers who have already shipped without the stair components, and we can send them the stair case pieces they should have gotten. As of this update, I do not have a timeline on this action, but we will continue to keep you updated.

Step Five - well, there's not a step five. That fixes everybody. So We'll probably have a Manhattan and take a nap or something.

This plan introduces some time delays for some backers. It will delay all UK/EU and AU backers, as well as delay the final component delivery for everyone we have already shipped rewards to. But does make it right by ensuring every backers gets what was offered and *more* due to the Orc Warrens and Mine Entrance errors mentioned yesterday.

Please take note, we are NOT disabling the discount code. All of you can have the next order you place at Secretweaponminiatures.com for 20% off. It wouldn't make sense for us to disable that.

We're very sorry for the errors, and we want to prove that we are committed to making this right, even if it doesn't go smoothly every time.

Thank you,

Bryan Stiltz

Justin Mccoy


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I have it. It's durable, although I still wouldn't drop it. Pieces are nice and chunky, so won't break unless manhandled.


Pick up the SWM Stone wash as well! Great for underground stone! I used SWM Concrete for the skull pattern on the stone in the  second picture.


You don't need to paint the red stuff, but I used Tamiya Red. Skull is from another KS. Lava runes are Reaper's Marigold yellow. "Charred" rune outline is a brush-tipped pen.


From my imgur: https://imgur.com/a/ynuvsAi





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I received my stuff this week.  A core set, bridge set, and the troll hole.  I can see how the core set ended up with the extra mine entrance, as the 'core set' came in two retail boxes marked as "Starter Set".  The retail boxes themselves don't show the three stair pieces in the pictures.  I assume the stairs pieces were meant as a separate retail item and it got lost in the shuffle in terms of inclusion with the core set deliveries.


Either way, I will just wait for them to ship the stairs after they get the restock in.  No complaints on my end with what they delivered.

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50 minutes ago, DonTheDime said:

I can see how the core set ended up with the extra mine entrance, as the 'core set' came in two retail boxes marked as "Starter Set".  The retail boxes themselves don't show the three stair pieces in the pictures.  I assume the stairs pieces were meant as a separate retail item and it got lost in the shuffle in terms of inclusion with the core set deliveries.



Interesting. I bet you're right. I mentioned that possibility in the KS comments a while back but Secret Weapon didn't say if that really was what happened or not. Haven't gotten my pledge in yet. It would be nice if it has the stairs but honestly, I'm just glad the foreign backers won't have to pay shipping to get their stairs. They're usually the ones to get hit the hardest by these kinds of things. It's more of a hiccup to us US backers. 


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26 minutes ago, Marvin said:

Reckon I should be concerned at all that as a Wave-1 backer I've at this point still yet to receive a package or a shipping notice?

I have not either. Doubt it is time to be concerned yet...especially due to the stair issues.

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I jumped in right away (backer #62), locked in my initial order minutes after the PM went live, and I still haven't gotten anything. I'm pretty grateful about it though. The people who got their pledges early are the ones who didn't get the stair sets. They may not get them for a long while. We should be getting them though! ^_~

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