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Pokemon Go


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Here is a quick video tutorial I just found.


Basically, walk around and try to capture wild Pokemon (with added humor of using the camera....I had an Ekans sitting on the carseat in the car earlier today). You can battle at local gyms and whatnot, but I have yet to get that far yet.


A couple things:

  • Don't level up all your Pokemon. Pick a few to focus on.
  • Catch multiples of Pokemon and Transfer them to the Professor for extra bonuses (and to clear out your lower quality duplicates)
  • Keep the ones with higher CP
  • When capturing, it is easiest when the circle is smallest (and green is easiest)
  • Pokestops refresh every 5-10 minutes. Use them for freebies.
  • The Shops have a daily freebie when you click the symbol in the top right corner.
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I've been trying to play since last night.... Servers have been going crazy with launch and all.


I went through several hours of bad errors on the site yesterday and this morning before I gave up creating an account, though my husband was able to create one for me this morning. I'm not able to authenticate my login, or it just waits forever, and trying to connect via email just crashes the whole app immediately. So I haven't played at all yet. I just want my Arcanine. :down:

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There was a giant purple dust bunny on my car. ON MY CAR. Probably laying eggs. It had a friend too, but I think that one ran away after I bludgeoned its friend to death and stuffed its body inside this ball.

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