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Some of the local Starbucks have lured in customers by using the lure module on their pokestop. Come catch pokemon and enjoy a beverage. It was glorious. Sat for an hour and caught 50 (give or take) pokemon. Too bad nothing rare though. It was mostly pidgeys, pikachus, rattatas, and growlithe. I was hunting the Snorlax but couldn't figure out where it was. I'm also happy that I wasn't the only adultish person there. ^__^

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One of my gamer friends was at another game the night before, at a game store.


He hadn't heard of Pokemon Go, but had been bewildered by a series of strangers who came into the store, seemingly to take pictures of his gaming table.

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A friend posted this (I am downloading now to check myself):


ATTENTION: Pokémon Go uses Google maps API, so downloading the map from Google Maps as an offline map should reduce battery consumption and makes things run much smoother. (For iPhone download Google Maps from the store and follow same instructions)
Open Google maps
Goto settings
Goto Offline maps
Hit the Plus sign
Choose your area
Now the map will be readily available instead of consistently refreshing. You're welcome

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I finally downloaded it just out of sheer curiosity. Things I've discovered:


-It was far more awesome and entertaining than I expected having Pokemon show up all over my apartment. Like this cute little Pidgey just hanging out on my bathtub:






-I have absolutely abysmal aim when it comes to throwing virtual Pokéballs

-Pokéballs are not unlimited (I wasted so many on my first Pikachu due to my aforementioned terrible aim)

-My apartment seems to be in a decent location; I've caught more Pokemon just staying in my apartment than I did taking an hour-long walk earlier today

-I was astonished that it actually motivated me enough to actually leave my apartment and exercise  :blink:

-It feels like only half of a game


My current verdict is: Fun little game, wish it didn't lock up so much, visiting the nearby-ish gym was a waste of time (my pokemon are all waaaaaay too low level), no way I'm spending real money on it, but I might if/when further features are added. I'm going to start over with a new account (if it will let me) now that I know how to play the game.



--OneBoot :D

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