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1 hour ago, OneBoot said:

Wow, so many friends already! :wub:


So, I haven't played in many moons, and right before I stopped I cleaned out most of my duplicates (turned them into candies). I'll try to stock up a bit before ReaperCon. ^_^ But yeah, friends and trading and gifts are all new territory to me. Also, the closest pokestop to me is a 15 minute walk uphill and the only gym within walking distance is located at a fountain in the center of a roundabout (not the most intelligent place....), so I'm not going to be a very good gifter/trader. :down:



I have an extra Growlithe I'd be happy to trade to you! Remind me at Reapercon. :D



--OneBoot :D

Appreciate it!  Any one near to the convention center to know if there are gyms/pokestops in it?

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I like to send "Beaver Reading Newspaper" to people whenever I can.  Something about how it's so Canadian...  At least so says one of hubby's US friends anyways lol


Edit: usually it's propeller sculpture though, to most people, because well, uhm, it's in range of my favourite coffee shop..... 

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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

Can I send your friend codes to my dad? He is on the make friends stage of the quest and doesn't have folks aside from me who play. He will probably even be good at sending stuff most of the time. 


Fine by me. 

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