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3 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


no as in a person puts one in the gym to defend. They're so rare i don't even see people showing them off in gyms as a defender


Ahh okay. They popped up on rare occasion as defenders in CO and here, but very seldom. 

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7 shiny chikoritas, ~200 chikorita in general, and 5 mewtwos. The campus group was at minimum 30 people, probably more like 50. It was a bit nuts. 


Traded my super old Dragonaire and Kabutops for equivalents - due to their age, and lack of me having lucky pokemon, both became lucky on trading. Win win for me and my trading partner! 

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12 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

OK, I think I have one shiny pokemon because it's got a little bling animation.

What's up with the alternate skins on some pokemon?  For instance I have some sandshrews that are white and have ice powers.


Those are the Aloha variants, usually from 7km eggs received from gifts. Marowak and Raichu have been from raids. Exeggcutor has been from limited time spawns and raids. Ratatta just spawns in two forms now. 


Shinies are a different color and have bling. 


Luckies have coin falling animation behind them and are from trading (and chance).


I caught a shiny Growlithe today. It is yellow instead of orange. 

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