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Seeing "unpainted cloth" instead of pewter

Sir Robin

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I look through 2d fantasty art (Boris Vallejo, Ruth Thompson, etc).

One problem with Boris Vallejo is that most of his drawings are of naked

chicks. :lol:

IIRC, at least a quarter (if not a third) of Boris's paintings have some cloth in them.

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Well, if nothing else you can always try my style of block removal.... line up all your paints, close your eyes, and pick a color at random to be your primary color. I can guarantee that you'll either find new and interesting ways of using a color or become so disgusted with the way it looks that you'll think of a million ways it would look better, then pick one of those alternates and use it instead.  :upside:


P.S. nobody ever accused me of being normal :wacko:




What's normal? We're painters (dare I say artists? *runs ducking for cover*) :devil:


I personally like that idea, might have to give it a shot once I'm finished with Hellbore.........

Hmm ya might wanna go best one outta two though, I can't think of any paladins that would get much respect running around in hot pink full-plate. :lol:


It's not artists, it's "arteests" gotta get that silly one word accent in there or nobody'll give us any respect. :rolleyes:

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When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled... brave, brave, brave - Sir Robin!


I always found that to be good advice… If I can’t figure out how to paint something, I just run away.


Sooner or later I’ll think of something and I’ll do it. I find that if I sit and stare at something trying to imagine suitable colours, my head hurts. :wacko:


If my girlfriend can spend 2 hours choosing 6 items of clothing for one night, I can spend a month thinking about a colour scheme that’s going to last years on a mini.

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