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Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

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Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is a tile and miniature based survival horror game for 2-6 Players based on the classic movie.




The officially licensed Evil Dead 2 Board Game is the tabletop experience Evil Dead 2 fans have been dying for--featuring at least 8 custom figures with art depicting the terrifying and iconic characters, monsters, and locales from the cult classic film. 2-6 players will work together in 60–90 minute sessions to gather pages of the Ex-Mortis while trying to survive demon attacks, supernatural events, and avoid turning into evil deadites themselves.




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Having posted the basics, I have to add that this project raised some red flags for me.


In for an EB at the moment, but without more information and EU friendly shipping I think this project could lose a lot of backers in the final days.

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I dunno. The movie was classic because of its idiosyncratic direction and characters, and its willingness to jump back and forth across the line dividing horror from hilarity.

Without that, what you mainly have is what the first Evil Dead movie was: your basic Spam In A Cabin movie. How's this game gonna capture the feel?

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I'm looking mostly for games with miniatures in it. If I like them, I'm more interested in the KS. But the pictures about the minis are not helping. Only interesting mini would be in the moment the severed hand... All other renderings, if they are renderings, do not make me exited.


Even if these are renderings, they need much more time as they estimated (Nov 2016). This date is very unrealistic.

I also do not like it that they do not give the scale of the minis on the main page. 1.5" (38,1mm) tall is much to big for my tase. :-(

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Having posted the basics, I have to add that this project raised some red flags for me.


What flags did you notice?


I got as far as "First Created" and no previously published games. fwiw, The company makes the ED comic book.

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Having posted the basics, I have to add that this project raised some red flags for me.


What flags did you notice?



These were my initial impressions (based on other failed KS projects I backed).


No previous history with miniature games or board games that I know of.

"Early Concept/Playtest Art. Designs are not final. Images awaiting licensor approval." gave me AvP flashback.

No real description of the game (rules, components)

Renders; no samples of the minis or the painted minis.

A painted minis level for only $80? What level of craftsmanship can we expect here? Arcadia Quest? Kinder Surprise? Dungeon Command?

Very low presence on the KS by the Creator after the launch or even 8 hours after funding

Underestimating the KS success; then raising the number of EBs.

Accelerating stretch goal release

And they're still looking into EU and AU friendly shipping.

With all this, estimated delivery Nov 2016 seems very optimistic


Some of these questions and worries were answered in the first Update so I could have been too harsh.


Edit: The playtest is up:

"v0.1 Note: Our rules are still being refined as we continue to playtest and balance throughout the campaign. However, we’re excited to share a glimpse into our game, so we’re releasing this early version. Thank you for your interest!"

So? November release?

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All very valid concerns, this is likely a very high risk project. Also, "IMAGES AWAITING LICENSOR APPROVAL" is potentially very troublesome.


Counterpoint: Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw and a boomstick!




Of course Hasslefree has a perfectly good proxy without any of the risk.

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So... the only way to get Combat Ash is in the KS?

I don't like this. If I were to see the game on a shelf, the first thing I'd want to see is "Combat Ash Included In Package, Yes, He Is."

The remaining miniatures might as well be labeled "generic victims" or "zombie survivors."

Even assuming all Godfather's concerns are unfounded, I see very little to make me want to pony up for the game itself. There are other Ashes out there, considerably cheaper, if not prepainted.

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Anyone familiar with any of the games that Panda Games Manufacturing have published as it looks like they are the ones actually making the game.

I'm curious if any of their games have included miniatures before.

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"Hey, board games are very successful and profitable on KS!"

If it concerns exploding kittens, then yes, yes it is.


Others... not so much (YMMV). And I'm a guy who backed over a dozen KS board games.

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Panda made the original Cthulhu wars for petersen games. and as far as I know (rumours) is one of only two or three factories in China specialized in boardgames and miniatures, and the one that has made MOST kickstarted boardgames.

As far as I am concerned, Panda is perfectly capable of making the good stuff.


The question is if the campaign creators can create said good stuff for Panda to mass produce or not. garbage in is garbage out and all that.

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