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Tickets now on sale!

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How do you select factions if you buy more than one ticket? I have chosen Duskwarden and my husband wants Bonehenge.

At this time factions are associated with your login, not with your ticket purchase*. I'm certain we will have an exchange table at the show that will let you trade your faction miniature in your SWAG bag for a different faction.


*I could have done 12 kids of tickets - "maggotcrown VIP, maggotcrown 4-day, maggotcrown day pass, etc.", or maybe just had the factions be a $0.00 item you add to your cart, but ultimately, the least complex solution was simply to assign your login profile a faction based on your selection. It's inelegant, but it was the least cumbersome and required the least troubleshooting. you can blame me for this.

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this will make it tricky for those of us that are obsessive minis collector and want to get one of each :lol:


VIPs are limited, correct?

VIP are not limited. 


For obsessive collectors, ALL 4 faction models will be on sale in our booth at ReaperCon, it's just that you will only get one FREE model per swag bag. And then if you have 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever of the same model, we'll let you trade them in for the others.


How do you get an option for VIP?

There's 3 different buttons on the home page, once you're logged in. One for VIP pass, one for 4-day pass, and one for a 1-day pass.


Be sure you select the right one.


Note that if you select the wrong one, and e-mail me, I will refund your purchase, delete you order, and as you to make the purchase again, and I may or may not giggle.

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How do you get an option for VIP?

You go to reapercon.com and put the vip pass in your cart after signing in.

Yep, but you had to scroll way down to see them. No menu choice at the top so at least I could not find it easily. Food had a menu choice up top and was easier for me to find for me.


And don't do what I did then and purchase the meals AND a VIP pass! Kudos to Bryan for already getting it resolved.

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Looks like I did it right.  VIP purchased and I see all the food options in my itinerary.  Giggidy!


Now to just figure out when I can get my daughter up there to submit her painting for the Youth Division. I may try and have my wife bring her Thurs so it is done ASAP and people can enjoy the mind of a 6 year old. :)

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