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Thanks for the comments Limey.


Looks great, especially for TT!!

Thanks Uber. I am challenged to get any of the Bones above tabletop as it seems unfeasible to get all the mold lines removed. That said I love them as the price allows me to try things I would be reluctant to on a more detailed sculpt.


Now if I could just get this quality of paint job done quicker it would be useful to finish the Kickstarter minis.

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Thanks Chaoswolf and hidden one.


You did a very good job here!


My only C&C is that it'd look even better with some attention to the base.

Lol. He actually doesn't have a base. I threw a blank base under him to elevate him off the backdrop for the photograph. He actually just sets on his legs like. This one is destined for my sons toy box until he gets old enough to game. If he is interested in gaming, then I will repurpose the burrower for gaming. Until then it was a practice mini. I was happy with the plating texture. I was a little frustrated that the new Dullcote didn't knock down the Reds shine like I have become used to from it.

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