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    • By Kheprera
      Room booked! *dances*
      I'll be renting a car on Wednesday and driving from Austin to Denton. Return on Monday. I should have space for one other, but since I'll have a wheelchair or walker (depending on which I get), plus my suitcase and supplies, I cannot guarantee more space. I may have that space claimed by a non-forumite, but will have to check with him if he's going.
      From hotel to the con, I'll likely have more space, but will be first come, first served. At least one lunch run space to Taco Bell is reserved for Buglips since I already promised.
    • By Kheprera
      So, in my eldest son's school they started a special program for kids high on the spectrum. In this program they have one class that they attend that helps them learn things like socialization.
      So, during class if they have positive attitudes and respect each other for the whole period they get 10 points a day. They must get 100 points to earn a reward day. For example, they earned their reward day last week on Thursday but it took them nearly six weeks to do. They chose free time and popcorn which they got Thursday.
      For their next reward they chose D&D.
      Now, playing a session of D&D in 45 minutes is nigh impossible, and so I started an email conversation with the teacher and offered to help.
      Including teaching the kids to paint minis of their characters.
      I suggested pregenerating the characters and having an adventure where they protect a village from zombies or goblins (sorry Buglips) or something.
      So looking for ideas and suggestions how to successfully pull this off.
    • By Kheprera
      I've been sculpting a thing. The original WIP thread can be found here.
      I've been making progress, but really need some feedback in case I'm doing something really wrong.
      Here is the latest:
      Comments, critiques very welcome. This is my first sculpt ever.
    • By Kheprera
      Finally finished.






      WIP is here.
      I know the freehand is meh, but I was rushed at this point to get it done. And going crosseyed. Maybe I'll attempt it again at a later time when I'm not under a deadline.
    • By Kheprera
      So... been keeping this secret but bah... join my madness!!
      Link to the contest
      So, I ordered my Garrick the Bold and boiled and straightened and froze and boiled and straightened and froze and boiled and straightened and froze and gave up straightening the sword and cut it off.
      And... what to do... what to do...

      THAT'S IT!
      *rummage* *rummage* *rummage*
      Found it!
      Grab snippers.
      And thus it begins...

      Then more putty, and after the okay by ReaperBryan, expansion of the base for stability.
      Presenting: Sir *BONK!*Scale!


      Tonight priming will be done. Will need to use two kinds because of the various materials.
      Special thanks to Froggy for his inspiration. A gift from him years ago.
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