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Zombicide: Black Plague: Nelly, Samson and Silas

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I was wondering how I was going to reach her eyes with her arm raised up and in the way. .

No, it sucks. There's very little paint on that side of the face. Paint everything in there first, so you're not playing Operation later.



The hair is lovely, and the little touches you put on her vest are just perfect.  Adding visual interest without taking away from the broader parts of your paint job.  Inspiringly good.

Thanks! It's something I've struggled with on my more 'serious' work, and these quick and dirty tabletop jobs are great for learning on. Stuff like how little you can actually get away with and have it look good or where there's just no getting around putting in the hours.


A couple hours to get Silas off the bench. And taking the pics I realized I forgot to paint the gold on the sword hilt. Woops! So one more quick session with him later...



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I know I have said it multiple times, but great job!  Now do an abomination! :devil:


Seconded.... mostly so because I want to see one painted up by Cash, 'cause It is one of the last one's I plan to paint.

No I meant a BIG one! Like the troll! :devil:

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Alright....going to put the big ones back in the queue a bit. And Zombicide in general will wait a couple minis, unless I use them as a stress reliever between 'real' projects.


But I went through my BP stuff and I think next I'll do the batch of walkers. Then either the remaining core survivors or bust out the Knight box. By then I should be back in form to tackle some bigger ones (would still be the biggest thing I've painted!)...and I'll probably hit the GW technical paints for them...


Anyway, I'll WIP stuff as always. Stay tuned!

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