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Reaper Dragons don't share 2!!! Pic heavy! altenate miniatures


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I love the colors you used!! If you get a minute, please, please share some of the main colors! ^_^

Hey there thanks for your interest! O.k. here goes..On the dragon I undercoated with Docraft artiste Cobalt Blue, then highlighted through Army painter Ultramarine blue right up to Army painter Electric blue...The inner membranes of the wing where undercoated Docraft artiste Black then highlighted with Docraft artiste Metallic Amethyst up to Docraft artiste Metallic Rose. I then gave them a wash of Army painter Quickshade ink Purple tone!

The ruins was quite complicated. I used a base of Docraft artiste Black, then I used Army painter Fur brown as a second undercoat..After that I used Docraft artist Flesh which I dry brushed over the Brown around ten layers. I then striated the brickwork with Army painter Chaotic Red and Army.painter Barbarian flesh side by side in random striations . I dry brushed over the that with Docraft flesh again for a worn look to the striations! Finally I washed over the stonework with Army painter Soft tone ink.

Sorry about the repetitive language! I am just trying to be accurate as possible in my description!

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