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I think I got the majority of the tags.

Right, so, last Saturday one of my fellow gamers ambushes me with a couple of miniatures and asks if he can throw money at me to paint them. Naturally, I said yes.
Because I work better with small groups, I am also painting the Holy Vindicator, after some .. um .. appropriate modifications.
Anyway. I found Baron Blackshield in the Bin o' Shame, and offered him as an alternate, for the original miniature. This was accepted with glee and, I can only assume, much anticipation.


Mr. Moonwalker is going to get a bit of a Mad-Max-style makeover (.. okay, as best I can manage. I may stage a raid for rust-effect stuff). He will, however, keep his hat. ^_^

His Grace the Baron has had his sword swapped out for a staff (Dragonlance wizards don't get swords). If I'm feeling punchy, I may even make him up a base.

The unsuspecting Holy Vindicator is going to lose his sword arm and gain a mace hand. This may involve green stuff.

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Heh, yes. And the werewolf came with a fun surprise option; neither of us realized until I actually opened him up and looked that he comes with two left arms, one of which is mechanical. When pointed this out and asked if I should go with the mechanical arm, I could practically feel the enthusiasm vibrating in the affirmative email. ^_^


I have no idea what is going to happen with that; we don't usually run games in which that kind of mini is going be useful. On the other hand ... its proper owner is dipping his toe in the waters of GMing ... that could get fun. ::D:

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Sooo ... progress.
I left off last night right about here:

That's some rough colour on pretty much everybody, plus some roughing out of eyeballs. Turns out if you glaze a little Mahogany Brown over Walnut Brown, you get a pretty good dark buckskin kind of colour. I approve. Hopefully, I'm not the only one. I also got the arm primed and base-coated - I can start roughing in the metals now.

This morning, I ran into a bit of an obstacle.

... so much for getting anything done. I eventually distracted him and managed to get the Vindicator maced. I'll clear up the Stuff once it and the glue have had a chance to set a little bit.


Onward! To .. completion, hopefully.

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Hee. Thank you. ^.^
So, I left off last night after a day of 'blech', but. There was PROGRESS. And no Rajah helping me paint this morning.


So. uh. Details have happened. You have no idea how tempted I am to hit Mr. Wolf with a little blue in the fur (I've been given a more or less free hand - the only specifications were that his clothes be 'brown'). And his arm has been glunked. Some Warplock Bronze, some Blackened Steel, some Armor wash to dull it up ... It looks pretty grungy, while still being pretty metal.
Herr Baron has fur trim on his coat - I need to get the 'black' of his waistcoat tweaked a little - black is such an annoying colour to paint ... And! Mr. Mace has been base-coated in my usual 'all the things!' style, with a coat of roughly one part Nightmare Black to one part Grey Liner.
I need to remember to prime his shield... but I can start slapping details on.

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So, lessee. Not much progress yesterday, because I was feeling like crap pretty much all day. Hard to paint through a headache that Will. Not. Go. Away. >.<
I got a little bit done, then I punched a hole in my thumb with the pokey-tool while cleaning a metallic and was delayed. Still hurts. The word of the day is 'ow'.



But. Progress. Decided to glue Mr. Moon's arm on, and get a pic from a different angle, so I could see if his braid looks that bad, or if it was really just me. No, it looks that bad... I'mma have to fix that. Rassenfrassen. I still want to touch up his pants and hit his necklace with some Splintered Bone or something... actually, I'm going to see if I can't mix up something that looks like turquoise. BRB, inventing colours..


Mr. Mace has been roughed, and his armor gone after with Blackened Steel, Aged Pewter and a couple of coats of Armor Wash. Need to brush it with something, haven't decided what. Aged bronze, maybe - it's not supposed to be /steel/ (Dragonlance setting). His mace is coming along; I'm not happy with the length, but maces are apparently not popular weapon sprues... Who'da thunk it. Coat of Warplock Bronze, dry-brushed some Tarnished Bronze, hit with Armor wash. Going to need some more work, but.. he's coming along. Doing that great doubled cape in shades of blue, might wash the lower with a little orange to dull it down, but for now...


Mr. Baron saw no attention. I'm looking into ways to turn his outer cape into something that is brown, but still clearly FANCY, and ... not coming up with much, other than laying some red or orange into the colour-phase and maybe giving it a little cross-dyed sheen... Eh. I will think of something.

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No one /ever/ has enough WOLF. Or Wolves. >.>

This is the reason I buy all kinds of wolves - metal, Bones, resin... I /hate/ resin for minis, it's fragile and featherweight, and that doesn't, IMO, make up for the way it paints. But ... Fenris Wolves are nice, dynamic sculpts. Or whatever that chapter of Space Marines is called; I don't Warhammer, I can't keep them straight. 
So, I left off last night, and things looked a lot like this:

Mr. Wolf has two arms, and pupils.. I thought about giving him brown eyes, then decided the creepy yellow-gold eyes fit the theme a little better. They go nicely with the arm. Can't see it very well, but I did put some turquoise around his neck, and on his hat-band - it's not /quite/ right, but I lack the brush-skills to make it look like proper turquoise at that detail level. Mr. Wolf also got the blue into his fur, and I am thinking I need to brush a little light grey into his tail.. and his chest fur.


Herr Baron Fuzzy-sleeves has runes on his cloak. I'm not sure if I won't take a Micron to them for depth. Still thinking on that. But more of the detail has gone in, and there were washes applied to his vest - I'm happier with the overall effect. I swear I did something else to him - I might have gotten that red wash on his cloak, but I can't offhand remember.


Mr. Vindicator. Attached the shield. I'll get some paint on that .. probably wood, with bronze rims and decorations. I'm actually pretty pleased with the cloak - that's washed Liquitex, for the turquoise. Had it out for Mr. Wolf, decided there was no reason I shouldn't use it, and ... hey, experiment worked! Mixed a little more of it with some Nightmare Black for rest of the cloak, and I'm pleased with the effect. Need to brush in some highlights, and then it will be nearer to done.



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Thank you. ^^



Backs! And Fronts!

Mr. Mace is done, primed and all. I mostly finished touching up his shield, doing a little tweaking and the like. Cleaned up the armor, made sure it mostly matched. Highlights on the capes, just a touch on the mace, and .. done.

Mr. Moon! I ran him past his proper owner, and looks like I am also done with him. Just need to seal him. I'm still debating a base, might dab a little 'snow' on, painted like desert. Just to clean up the feets.

Herr Baron (.. almost called him Herr Bacon. Heh. All hail Baron Bacon, lord of smoked pork!), Fuzzy-Sleeves has also been run past his proper owner and pronounced acceptable. A desert-y base would not suit him... dangit, you lot are contagious, with your bases and all this fancy-pants stuff! Perhaps I will level his base and freehand some cobbles onto it. :p

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