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July Demon Wars : black and red.

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So this is the combined show-off thread for this months demons.

I really liked the look of the small demons in bones 2, so I ordered an extra pack. 

I was less impressed with them in person, and ended up sending a vulture demon and a hordling off to an exchange partner. 

Recently I decided to paint them all up in two forces, mostly so I could distinguish the two versions on the gaming table.

I made a few changes to the Bar-Lrgua taking off wings and sculpting back fur from green stuff. Then giving the black ape an active touch spell effect.  In the oldest edition this would be fear (by touch), but it could be anything in another edition of D&D.


I am much happier with them now that they are painted, and will be happy to use or display them. 


I have the last vulture demon glued to a base and trimmed, but I am leaving town for the rest of the month on Friday, so he is unlikely to joint this crew. 


I was considering a [bones] demon Lord or greater demon to lead the group - what have you had the most fun painting? 



Babu Demons



Bat Demons




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