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Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Sam, Games Workshop

Patrik Strom

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Thanks all! :)


They all look great! Where's the rest of the Fellowship? :huh:  ::P:


All dead! And with that I mean "unpainted" :) Only got Legolas and Gimli on que though, missing Aragon and Gandalf. I'm not all that into the GW line (I think their sculpts usually leave something to be wanted) but if I find them eBay you never know. And Boromir is somewhere in the Show off forum :)


I bet those where fun to paint. Kind of a legacy behind them as you painted, huh? ::): Keep up the good work.


The only thing I would do is touch up the black on the rim of the base.


Oh, I wondered if someone would notice :) I got lazy and took a chance that it wasn't that noticable. I guess I was wrong :)

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