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Looking for Cang.

Ronald X

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I'll admit that, when I first heard about Chinese recasters, I was tempted by the prospect of cheap GW minis. But I also noticed that they had Perry kits on their site as well, and I realised that the piracy was going beyond just "greedy old gee-dub" and could affect the industry as a whole. So I never did place an order.

It has always been our position that Piracy hurts everyone.


Even when the ostensible "Target" is not us, we are hurt when Pirates are empowered by any sales at all.

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Piracy directly limits sales by the person who created the object in some cases (not many cases in the current regime, frankly). But I'd say the bigger hit is to the reputation of the company who putatively made the pirated item.


Occasionally the quality will be close, but much more often the pirated goods will be significantly shoddier than the real stuff. And that low-quality merchandise will often be attributed to the producer of the real thing. The result is, "Oh [company]'s products are [euphemism]. I bought their stuff and it fell apart in 15 minutes. I'd never buy from them again." (Note that this is the sort of harm that trademark law is intended to prevent, not the sort intended to be prevented by copyright law.)


None of which addresses or is intended to address the appropriate period of protection for IP, which is outside the scope of this discussion.

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